We hear you. Pounding away on the treadmill can get dull after a while. So wake up your workout with our Blackpool circuit training class!

The perfect way to get your workout done with your gym buddies, our circuit workout offers a full body cardio hit, great for burning calories and improving muscle tone.

It's fun, varied and will inject a little creativity into your humdrum workout regime. 

What's So Great About Our Blackpool Circuit Workout?

Our Blackpool members love our circuit training class as an addition to their usual gym workout. This class will tone, improve your cardio fitness and push your body to new physical limits.

So, if you're on a weight loss mission or keen to tighten up any wobbly bits, this is the class for you.

Bored of your regular gym floor routine? Our circuit training class will add some fun to your fitness schedule!

Great for fans of HIIT classes, cardio lovers and Blackpool members looking for a fresh way to workout with friends. 

Our circuit workout is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities - just go at your own pace!

Circuit Training Exercises

If you join our Circuit Training class at Village Gym Blackpool, you can expect to tackle the following upper and lower body strengthening exercises...

Squat Jumps Push Ups Squat to press
Burpees Tuck Jumps Jumping Jacks
Skipping Dumbbell Squats Bench Dips
Squat Thrusts Lunges Kick Backs
Hip Thrusts Bicycle Kicks Kettlebell Swings
Medicine Ball Chest Press Shuttle Runs Press Ups
Sit Ups Oblique Crunches Supermans

Can I Lose Weight With Circuit Training & HIIT?

Yep. If you're feeling the effects of a little overindulgence, or prepping for an event, our Circuit Training class in Blackpool will help you to lose weight.

The cardio exercises are designed to increase your heart rate, making your body work harder and burning more energy. We'll blitz those calories whilst increasing your muscle mass as you tone up, which will increase your metabolism further. 

There'll be sweat, fatigue, burning butts and biceps... but our circuit workout will certainly help you on your way to your weight loss goal!

Circuit Training For Beginners

If you're new to fitness classes, circuit training is a great place to get started, as you'll get to grips with a number of exercises and techniques in one go. 

Just let your Blackpool circuit instructor know that you're new here and they'll adjust any exercises you may find too challenging.

If an exercise feels too difficult, slow it down. If your body is tired, just do as many reps as you can. It's all about pushing your own physical limits, rather than anyone else's. So just do you. 

What Are The Benefits of Circuit Training?

Aside from a fun way to workout with your bestie, our HIIT class will leave you with a number of other perks...

Better cardio fitness Improved agility Break through plateaus
Improved muscle strength Better quality of sleep Improved co-ordination
More stamina A more toned physique More defined abs
Lose weight faster Improve breathing Increased metabolism
More energy Improve your mood Improve back pain

How Our Blackpool Circuit Class Goes...

If you're attending one of our circuit training classes in Blackpool, you can expect the class to go a little like this...

Upper Body Circuit Training Exercises
Pull ups, push ups, shoulder press

Lower Body Circuit Training Exercises
Squats, lunges, step ups

Core Circuit Training Exercises
Plank, bicycle kicks, crunches, sit-ups

Cardio Workout
Shuttle runs, skipping, jumping jacks

Full Body Circuit Workout
Burpees and bear crawls

Circuit Training For Senior Members

Many of our older members enjoy our Blackpool circuit training class. You're never too old to enjoy a little fitness! Whether you're under thiry or over the hill, our circuit workouts in Blackpool can be adapted to suit all ages.

Adjust the exercises demonstrated by your instructor and make them comfortable for your own pace. 

Senior members suffering from low back pain prefer to skip the core exercises and do more work on the upper body.

Likewise, those suffering from stiff joints will replace the jumping with extra sit-ups or planks. Your workout... your way!

Calories Burned In Circuit Training

Our circuit training class is a great calorie burning workout. How many calories you burn doing a circuit class is of course dependant on your weight and how much effort you put in.

Though to give you a rough idea, you can expect the following from a 30 minute circuit class...

150lbs 285 calories
200lbs 380 calories
250lbs 475 calories
300lbs 575 calories
350lbs 670 calories


Circuit Training essentials

You may wish to bring the following with you to your circuit workout at Village Gym Blackpool...

A bottle of water (you will need it!)
A sweat towel
Form-fitting clothing that won't trail behind you
Comfortable trainers suitable for running
A light snack to replenish energy (banana, protein bar...)
A friend (because it's way more fun!)


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