The Best Pilates Classes In Berkshire

Our Pilates classes at Village Gym Bracknell will give your usual gym routine a little shake up! Pilates is a low impact, full body toning class that targets your posture, improves your balance and tops off your overall muscle strength. 

After our Pilates classes in Berkshire you’ll feel more limber, more alert, enthusiastic and full of life. Come on, give our Pilates classes a try, whether you’re in Bracknell, Camberley, Ascot or anywhere in between!

Your Local Pilates Posse

At Village Gym Bracknell our Pilates classes focus on working both the body and mind together. We’re all about togetherness and that buzz that comes from a great group workout. 

Give your body some feel good and your happiness a boost, as you join our army of pilates enthusiasts to limber up, trim down and feel awesome.

Is Pilates For Me?

Whether you’re new to the fitness community or a little bit older, Pilates welcomes everyone to enjoy its mental and physical benefits. Pilates is so versatile that we can adapt the movements to suit your abilities and skill level. You’ll go at your pace and challenge yourself when you’re ready.

Pilates For Weight Loss

Although it’s slow paced and low impact, don’t underestimate the intensity, as you’ll hit your maximum calorie burn and increase your heart rate.

Whether you want to shred some excess body fat or tone up the tummy, legs or glutes, our Pilates classes in Bracknell will aid your weight loss goals.

Pilates For Stress Relief

Pilates is one of the best classes for relieving stress. Attending regular Pilates classes in Berkshire can reduce stress and improve stress-related conditions, including anxiety and insomnia. 

The principles of Pilates not only improve your body but bring benefits for your mental health. Following a Pilates workout you should feel relaxed, energised and less stressed. The emphasis on connecting the mind and body will make you feel more centred and in control.

Get Involved In Our Pilates Social Scene

Group exercise not only keeps you motivated and helps your performance, it also makes you feel like part of a fitness family. 

Come along with your besties or make new Pilates besties, and make a night or day out of your class. Whether it’s a well-earned Starbucks or something to eat in the Pub & Grill after class, Pilates will make you friends for life!

Bracknell Pilates Classes To Aid Physical Recovery

Pilates is easily adaptable to suit all abilities. So, if you’re suffering from an injury or general aches and pains, many clinics and professionals recommend Pilates as a form of physical therapy to aid your recovery.

Pilates can help people deal with chronic neck and back pain, aid the healing of hip and knee replacements, and encourage the healing of sports injuries. If you’re in recovery, speak to our trainers and they will be more than happy to help to adapt the workout to suit your needs.

What To Wear To Pilates

Pilates is all about flowing movements, therefore it’s best to wear something that you can easily move and stretch your body in.

We’d recommend going for something stretchy and breathable to make it easy to move your body into different positions. And as for your feet, it’s best to wear socks with small grips so you can easily change positions without slipping, otherwise opt for bare feet!

Can’t Make Our Pilates Classes?

You can do Pilates pretty much anywhere! If for some reason you can’t make it to a class in the gym, you can still reap the benefits from the comfort of your home. All you need is a soft surface, some space and our On Demand Pilates which you can access via the Village Gym app.


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