Pilates In Eastleigh Near Southampton

If you're bored of your usual gym routine and are seeking something a little more spiritual, you'll love our Pilates class at Village Gym Eastleigh.

A low intensity, full body toning workout that will perk up your posture, improve muscle strength and fine tune your flexibility.

Our Pilates classes near Southampton will help to relax the body, and the mind, leaving you feeling more alert, more focussed and more positive. 

Stressed? Tense? Tired? Try our Pilates class and stretch away the strains!

Eastleigh Pilates

Pilates classes at Village Gym Eastleigh are designed to be a workout for the body and for the mind.

You'll transition through a series of slow movements to target specific muscles in order to add strength and improve flexibility.

Our Pilates classes near Southampton are a great way to get a full body toning workout, plus a stronger back, legs and core for better posture and balance. 

It’s A Great Form of Physical Therapy

Because Pilates is so easy to adjust to the needs of the individual, it is also a great form of physical therapy for those suffering from aches and pains or injuries. Many clinics offer Pilates as part of their physical therapy programs to help people deal with chronic neck and back pain, aid the healing of hip and knee replacements, and encourage the healing of sports injuries.

Eastleigh & Southampton Pilates Social Scene

Working out with fellow founder members at Village Gym Eastleigh not only helps you to feel part of our fitness community, but also helps you to feel more motivated, and perform better.

Enjoy the motivation of your Pilates buddies, and combine your stretch time with your social time with a well-earned drink in the bar after class.

Plus, the feel-good hormones that come from working out with friends act as natural stress relievers, leaving you feel much more calm and contented.



The emphasis on the connection between body and mind, and on breathing and centering yourself, are key elements for learning how to properly control your body’s movements. Our Pilates classes near Southampton will enable you to stay mentally composed in order to get the most out of your body: this helps to relieve stress and promote a calm mental state.


Pilates may seem slow and gentle, but the program is actually a sure-fire way to burn calories and increase heart rate - both of which are vital for weight loss. If you’re looking to drop a few pounds and tone up in the process, our Pilates classes near Southampton are a fantastic way to get started on your weight loss journey.



Nope, there's plenty of mats to go round, that will be thoroughly disinfected before and after use.

If you'd prefer to bring your own mat that's also fine! Pilates fans at Village Gym Eastleigh can pick one up with an exclusive 20% member discount from our partners at Physical Company.


Try to have a light meal or snack at least an hour before you head to the studio. You don't want to be distracted by your stomach grumbling but equally, tackling our Pilates class near Southampton on a full stomach could make you feel quite queasy!

Post-stretching, be sure to keep hydrated with plenty of water and ensure you fit some good sources of protein into your refuel meal.

What Should I Wear?

Pilates is all about fluid movements, so you'll want to wear something that allows you to move, stretch and contort your body into numerous positions!

Go for tight fitting clothes made from stretchy and breathable fabric. On the feet, wear socks with small grips which will allow you to smoothly glide, without falling or opt for bare feet.


Pilates is an incredibly versatile form of exercise and can be adjusted to suit all ages and fitness levels. Anyone and everyone from young athletes to busy parents can benefit from Pilates. For those who exercise regularly, Pilates can easily be modified to match your skills level, while less experienced people can enjoy a gentler start to Pilates.

Can't get to the gym?

If for whatever reason you're not able to make it into the gym, Pilates is a great workout to do at home, as you don’t need lots of expensive equipment to reap the benefits. All you need is a soft surface, some space and our On Demand Pilates workouts via the Village Gym app.




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