Pilates classes near Winchester

If you're bored of your usual gym routine and are seeking something a little more spiritual, you'll love our Pilates class at the brand new Village Gym Eastleigh near Winchester.

A low intensity, full body toning workout that will help to improve your posture, muscle strength and flexibility.

Our Pilates class in Eastleigh will help to relax the body, and the mind, leaving you feeling more alert, more focussed and more positive. 

Pilates class near Winchester

Pilates classes at Village Gym Eastleigh are designed to be a workout for the body and for the mind.

You'll transition through a series of slow movements to target specific muscles in order to add strength and improve flexibility.

Our Pilates class is great for toning the full body, strengthening the back, legs and core for better posture and balance. 


Well, it's as hard or easy as you make it!

The great thing about our Pilates class near Winchester is that you can adjust the moves to your own fitness level.

Back pain? Ease off on the spine-stretching motions and focus more on movements that will improve your flexibility.

Stiff joints? Ask your Pilates instructor to modify the positions to account for any difficulties in moving.

Not hard enough? If you're finding our Pilates class easy, up the ante and add ankle weights for a tougher workout. 

You'll Feel The Burn!

Though you won't be performing high energy exercises or getting out of breath, don't be fooled into thinking our Pilates class near Winchester won't bring on the burn!

Stay with us... it's a good thing.

If your muscles feel a tad sore after our Pilates class, it means they've had a good workout.

Many of the moves in our Pilates class near Winchester are only small, but extremely powerful, working your muscles to their maximum potential. 

When Is The Best Time To Do Pilates?

There's no right or wrong time to enjoy a Pilates class, though you may choose to take your class at a time that suits your needs...

Great for those who struggle to get out of bed and need a few cups of coffee to get going. A morning Pilates class will give you an energy boost for the day ahead. Also great for kicking your metabolism into gear to aid weight loss.

If you usually need a nap after lunch, try a Pilates class with your colleagues during lunch hour. You'll feel revived, less sluggish and give your back a break from sitting.

Struggling for shut-eye? An evening Pilates class will help you to de-stress and clear your mind so that you can drift off more easily.

Pilates Relieves Back Pain

Bent double? Struggle to sit straight? If you're suffering with back pain, arthritis or recovering from a back injury, our Bournemouth Pilates class is a great way to keep your fitness routine alive, without adding to your pain.

Our Eastleigh Pilates class, done regularly, will help to improve flexibility and align your spine, taking pressure off a painful back.  The Pilates movements are also designed to improve posture, helping you to walk taller and straighter.

The Pilates Feel Good Factor

Attending our Eastleigh Pilates class will encourage your body to release the happy hormones, endorphins. The more often you exercise, the longer the effects last. Commit to a weekly Pilates class at Village Gym Eastleigh and you'll get your hit of happiness regularly. 

Regular workouts will also help to lower the amounts of stress hormones, Cortisol and Adrenalin within the body, making you feel more relaxed.



A yoga based fitness class designed to increase flexibility and strength.


Raise The Barre

Our Barre workouts, designed by Les Mills, are accessible to all fitness and flexibility levels.

Combining classic ballet positions with plentiful repetitions of small movements using very light weights, our Barre class will improve posture and help shape your body. 


Improve your posture, strength and flexibility with our Yoga class.

Tai Chi

Similar to Pilates, Tai Chi focuses on strength, posture and working the core. 


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