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Tired? Tense? Time to stretch it out! Our Yoga classes at Village Gym Eastleigh will work you physically and mentally, helping to perfect your posture, improve strength and fine tune that flexibility.

Our yoga class near Winchester features a number of different types of yoga class, such as Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga. Ideal for beginners, seasoned yoga bunnies or anyone in need of a good stretch.


You'll get a lot more from your Eastleigh yoga class than just a great workout! Our Yoga class comes with a number of helpful health benefits too...

Speed Up Circulation

Attending our yoga class near Winchester regularly can help to improve your circulation and decrease blood pressure. 


Good For The Gut

Get your heart pumping, whilst simultaneously working key muscle groups to help speed up that sluggish digestive system.

Get Set To Flex

Throughout our yoga class near Winchester, you'll move your body through a full range of motion, encouraging mobility and easing pressure on the joints. This gentle stretching technique helps to relieve any muscle tension, so it's ideal for members with low back pain or stiff joints.

Calm Those Nerves

Improved blood circulation, relaxed muscles and better breathing will help soothe the nervous system.  Our yoga class near Winchester is a great way to reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Perfect That Posture

Using controlled movements to stretch the spine will help to relieve pressure on the neck and improve posture. Plus, great posture helps you to look taller and slimmer!


Aid Injury

Low impact yoga classes are a great way to help treat muscle imbalances or injuries.  The slow movements we use in our yoga class near Winchester prevent you from moving too quickly, whilst still allowing your core muscles to be exercised. 

Improve Balance

Our Yoga classes in Eastleigh are a great way to work on your co-ordination, balance and build core strength.

Better Breathing

The breathing techniques in our yoga class will help to increase lung capacity and air circulation. You'll breathe better, speak more clearly and sleep better too!


Our Hatha yoga class near Winchester will have you performing smooth, well-balanced movements. You'll move slowly, and hold yoga poses for set lengths of time to work on your balance. A number of breathing exercises will help to relax the mind and body as you move. Unsurprisingly, our hatha yoga class is a great way to relieve stress.  

Yogi Level: Beginners keen to learn basic poses.

Benefits: De-stress, full body toning, improved breathing.  


A much faster, more energetic workout, our Vinyasa yoga class includes a pumping playlist to get you moving, expertly choreographed moves that are easy to learn and breathing techniques to help you relax the body.

Our Vinyasa yoga class near Winchester is great for both beginners, or expert yogis who are ready for a bigger challenge.

Vinyasa yoga will get your heart pumping plenty, perfect for cardio fanatics! 

Turn the music up, and push your body through poses, as you move in time with your breathing.

Yogi Level: Everyone is welcome. From beginners who want to learn the basics, through to advanced members who want a fresher challenge.

Benefits: Improve your core strength, flexibility, tone the abs and upper body, reduce high blood pressure. 


Our Ashtanga yoga class near Winchester is ideal for holistic fitness fans who want to add a little more fun into their usual workout.

You'll build core strength and shape the body, enjoy a few sun salutations and a range of yoga postures, for a full body toning session.  This is an upbeat class once it gets underway, so be ready to sweat and push through your physical limits!


Ashtanga Yoga is a great alternative to your usual fitness routine, with plenty of movements that will get your heart pumping. It's a great fitness class for stress relief, weight loss and limbering up.

Yogi Level: Advanced yogis. Or physically fit members ready to up their game!

Benefits: Relieve stress, improve coordination and kickstart metabolism to help with weight loss. 

Does Yoga Burn Fat?

After one of our Eastleigh yoga classes, you'll certain feel that your body has had a good workout. Your muscles will have enjoyed a good stretching and over time, your body will begin to build muscle mass.

Whilst a yoga class isn't the biggest fat-burning workout, the increase in muscle mass can help you to burn more calories.

Adding a regular yoga class to your cardio training weight loss plan can boost fat loss results and help you to tone up as you shed the pounds. 

Can Pregnant Women Do Yoga?

Yes. Our yoga class in Eastleigh will use relaxation and breathing techniques with postures that can easily be adapted for pregnant women.

The breathing techniques used in our yoga classes can help during childbirth, making breathing more fluid and controlled. 

Better breathing is also known to help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a higher quality of sleep. You'll be needing plenty of that!

How hard is yoga?

Certain moves, you'll find easier than others, though you'll improve as you attend more of our Eastleigh yoga classes.

After your first class, you'll be perfectly able to perform basic yoga positions, such as Downward-facing Dog, Child Pose, Eagle, Half Moon and Lord of the Dance.

If you find the positions a little too challenging, our expert yoga instructor will modify the poses for you whilst you get into the swing of things. 

When Should I Do A yoga class?

You'll soon be able to tackle a yoga class in Eastleigh whenever works for you, though you may find the following workout windows helpful...

A morning yoga workout at Village Gym Eastleigh will help you feel alert and more focussed for your day ahead.

Morning workouts are also a great way to get your metabolism going, so if weight loss is your goal, enjoy a morning yoga class.

Ideal for re-energising the mind and getting you moving during your lunch hour, try an Eastleigh yoga class with your colleagues. It will stretch out your back muscles after sitting down all morning.

Struggling to sleep? An evening yoga class will help you to relax your mind and wind down for a better night's sleep.


Absolutely! Our Eastleigh yoga studio is the place to be for toning the legs, butt, thighs and abs, making you look slimmer and stronger. 

The exercises you'll perform during our yoga class in Eastleigh will target muscle groups individually, allowing you to strengthen and tone key areas. Should you have specific areas you'd like to focus on, feel free to add extra emphasis to these during the class.

Hangover? Do Yoga!

Village Gym members love to socialise! So if you're in need of hangover help, a yoga class in Easteigh could be just the remedy!

Yoga is a great way to detox your entire system. Positions such as The Plow and The Fish help to cleanse the thyroid and boost metabolism, easing hangover symptoms.

Reversing blood flow and bringing more blood to the brain will also help to melt away that foggy head, leaving you feeling more focussed and alert.


Nope, there's plenty of yoga mats to go round, that will be thoroughly disinfected before and after use.

If you'd prefer to bring your own mat that's also fine! You can pick one up with an exclusive 20% member discount from our partners at Physical Company.


Try to have a light meal or snack at least an hour before you head to the studio. You don't want to be distracted by your stomach grumbling but equally, practicing Yoga on a full stomach could make you feel quite queasy!

Post-stretching, be sure to keep hydrated with plenty of water and ensure you fit some good sources of protein into your refuel meal.

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga is nothing new. Though it's fast become one of the most popular fitness classes, thanks to the variety of techniques and suitability for all. 

Now, on first glance into our Eastleigh yoga studio, it may look like a bunch of people in tight shorts, pretending to be trees, but yoga is actually a great full body toning workout.

If you're a yoga newbie in our Eastleigh class, we've outlined a few basics to get you started and prep you on what to expect for your first session...


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