The Core class at Village Gym Hull is a 30 minute core training fitness class designed by fitness legends, Les Mills.

Using your body weight, resistance tubing and weights, you'll enjoy a high energy workout to some top tunes, for a great core toning workout. 

All of the exercises in our Hull Core class have been designed to improve your strength, sculpt a stronger body and improve muscle tone. 

Why You'll Love Our Hull Les Mills Core Class

The Core class at Village Gym Hull is a killer workout, but it's suitable for all levels of fitness. So if you're a core training beginner, feel free to take your time settling in to avoid overdoing it in your first session. 

If you're a regular Core fan, challenge yourself by upping the intensity of your workout.

Members at Hull love our Les Mills Core fitness classes as they're fun, fast-paced and great to do with friends!

In just 30 minutes, you'll be on your way to a firmer butt and more toned stomach. 

How the Les Mills Core class goes

During your 30-minute Core class, our expert fitness instructors will walk you through the correct strength training techniques to firm and tone your core. 

You'll work with a variety of resistance equipment and weight plates, as well as perform body weight exercises such as crunches and squats. 

Warm-up | Exercises while lying on your back to warm up the core muscles. 
Core strength | 
long-lever movements lying on back and hovers. 
Standing strength | 
standing exercises for the upper and lower body, plus hips, legs and glutes.  
Core strength |
 exercises focussed on rotation, obliques and back.

How Does Les Mills Core Work?

The Core fitness class in Hull involves a variety of exercises that will target the muscles in your abs, back and glutes.

By targetting specific muscles, we'll strengthen and tone these key areas, resulting in a sleeker physique, more prominent muscle definition and a stronger posture. 

Les Mills Core is proven to be more effective than other traditional core-training classes. So if you're ready to tone up your core, our Hull CXWORX fitness class is the way forward.


Les Mills Core exercises

Throughout your Core class in Hull, you'll work on a number of different core training exercises to add strength and lean muscle mass. 

In a typical fitness class, you’ll do a combination of isolated and integrated exercises, such as leg extensions, ab crunches, cross-crawls, hip bridges, leg lifts, hovers, oblique crunches, lunges, planks, supermans, mountain climbers, squats... and The Woodchop, as demonstrated in this video.

How hard is a Les Mills Core class?

We'll be honest, our Hull Core class is a serious core workout.

Expect to sweat, and feel the burn in your abs and back afterwards. Though, there's no gain without pain! So, the harder you work, the better the results.

The movements themselves are straightforward to follow, though feel free to ask your Core instructor to guide you through any tricky exercises. 

After your Les Mills Core fitness class, it's best to avoid further resistance training to allow your body to recover. Go for some light cardio instead to avoid burnout or the risk of injury.



Great for quick gains, a stronger body and a leaner look.

Book your Les Mills Core class via the app or view the class timetable at your club...

What Does The Resistance Band Do?

During your Hull Core class, you'll use a resistance band (or resistance tube) to perform exercises that target the arms, legs, glutes and abs.

Wrapping the band around your body, you'll do sets of squats, lunges, bicep curls, and shoulder rows, focussing on the core all the way through to firm up the abs and back.

What To Bring To Les Mills Core Class?

You may wish to bring the following with you to your Core exercise class at Village Gym Hull...

A bottle of water to stay hydrated 
A sweat towel
Form-fitting clothing and comfortable footwear
A light snack to replenish energy (banana, protein bar...)
A friend (because it's way more fun with friends!)

The Benefits of Les Mills Core

Become a regular at our Les Mills Core class in Hull and enjoy the following benefits...

Tighter & more toned core muscles
Improved upper and lower body strength 
Improved balance
A stronger, more defined core 
Additional lean muscle mass for extra fat-burning potential
Burn more calories to aid fat loss
Improved posture 


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