Hull Pilates classes

Our Pilates class at Village Gym Hull is a great way to tone up, through low impact exercise techniques.

Workout with your fellow gym buddies and get set to stretch, bend and make shapes, to improve your posture, muscle strength and flexibility.

Our Hull Pilates class will help to relax the body, and the mind, leaving you feeling more alert, focussed and positive. 

Hull Pilates

Pilates classes at Village Gym Hull are less about quantity, more about quality. You won't be tackling any high energy exercises, just focussing on slow and gentle transitions from one position to another.

Our Hull Pilates class will help to strengthen the back, upper body muscles and core, to improve your strength, balance, posture and tighten the body.

Who Will Love Pilates

If you're on the lookout for a fitness class that will work the whole body, without leaving you exhausted, you'll love our Pilates class in Hull. 

Ideal for all ages and levels of fitness, including beginners, older adults, ante natal members or those recovering from injury. 

Many Hull members dealing with lower back pain or osteoporosis love our pilates class, thanks to the gentle movements and low pressure on the joints. It's the quality, not the quantity of your moves that counts. 

Our pilates class in Hull is ideal for anyone who loves the social aspect of a group fitness class or members looking for a fun new way to tone up.

What To Wear For Your Pilates Class

Of course, our Hull members always like to look their best, though when choosing what to wear for a Pilates class, think comfort, not style!

Pilates is about movement. And we assure you, we'll get you moving! So choose clothing that allows you to move freely. 

We've put together a few tips on the perfect workout wardrobe to ensure you hit our Hull pilates studio dressed for success.


New to fitness? Never tried Pilates?

Our Hull Pilates class is suitable for all abilities, from newbies to Pilates pros. If you're just getting started, let your instructor know before the class gets underway. That way, we can ensure we pay extra attention to your movements.

Too challenging? Adjust our Pilates class to work in a way that's comfortable. Your instructor will modify certain manouvres to make them a little easier during your first class.

Nervous? Fear not, our friendly Hull members will make you feel right at home. Position yourself so that you can see plenty of others around you and follow their lead.

BEST FOR Meditation, flexibility, balance. Post-injury recovery, posture, core strength. 
SUITABLE FOR All ages, pregnant women, older adults and yoga beginners All ages, pregnant women, older adults and pilates beginners

respiratory conditions
high blood pressure
chronic pain
type 2 diabetes

post natal core strength
urinary incontinence
respiratory conditions
joint injuries
back pain



There are a number of similarities between a yoga class and a pilates class.

Both of our Hull yoga and pilates classes focus on using breathing techniques to relax the body. Both are also great for...

Reducing stress
Toning the body
Helping recovery after injury
Post and ante natal fitness
Promoting better sleep
Improving flexibility
Improving posture

The Best Time To Do Pilates

We run Pilates classes at various time of day at Village Gym Hull, so choose a time that works best for you...  

Attending a Pilates class first thing will help you feel alert and more focussed for your day ahead. Morning workouts are also a great way to boost your metabolism, so if weight loss is your goal, enjoy a morning Pilates class.

Great for re-energising the mind after a lunchtime slump. Try a Pilates class during your lunch break with colleagues. It's also a great way to stretch the back after sitting at a desk all morning!

Struggling to sleep? An evening Pilates class will relax the mind and help you wind down for a restful sleep.

Pilates For Seniors

Pilates is a great way for our older Hull members to keep fit, maintain their social life and enjoy a low impact workout.

Our older members enjoy our Pilates class at Village Gym Hull as it doesn't put pressure on the joints like many other fitness classes, reducing the risk of discomfort. 

Pilates can be used as an effective treatment for lower back pain, making it a great choice for those with sciatica, osteoporosis or back injuries. 

Regularly attending our Pilates class in Hull will also help your posture and balance, helping you to walk better and reducing the risk of falls. 

Which Areas Will Pilates Target?

Pilates works mainly on your core which includes your abs and back muscles, though also gives the legs, upper thighs and butt a great workout!

Helping to keep the joints flexible, it's a great fitness class for arthritis sufferers.

The gentle core exercises are designed to tone the stomach and strengthen the back, making it popular with pregnant or post natal women.

Working the lower body hard, our Hull Pilates class is also a great option for runners, as it helps to improve flexibility, reduce stiff joints and prevent knee injuries. 

Pilates For Back Pain

Bad back?

If you're suffering with back pain, arthritis, pregnant or recovering from a back injury, our Pilates class is a great way to maintain your fitness regime, without overdoing it.  

Our Hull Pilates class can help to improve flexibility and align your spine, taking pressure off the back and helping to relieve pain. We'll also correct poor posture, helping you to walk taller (which in turn makes you appear slimmer!) plus modify the class for pregnant women to ensure you (and your bump!) enjoy a safe workout.

Pilates Positivity

Working out in a group not only helps you to feel part of our Hull fitness community, but also has been proven to make you more motivated, and perform better.

The feel-good hormones that come from working out with friends act as natural stress relievers, so you'll be getting plenty of positivity for the mind whilst you get your stretch on.

Attending a group fitness class like Pilates also leaves you feeling calmer and positive about achieving fitness goals. 


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