Les Mills Core Classes in Solihull

The Les Mills Core class is a core toning class you can complete in just 30 minutes. Think motivational music, an expert instructor and fat blasting moves that will tone and strengthen your core. 

According to creators, Les Mills:

“This intensely challenging 30-minute core workout gets you results where it counts the most.”

Using your own body weight, plus resistance tubing and weights, you'll improve your strength, sculpt a stronger body and improve muscle tone. 

Why We Love Our Solihull Les Mills Core Class

The core class in Solihull is one of the best ways to add strength and definition to your abs, whilst improving posture through strategic back exercises.

It's open to all, so no matter your age or level of fitness, you'll get out of this class what you put in. 

Members at Village Gym Solihull love the results they've gained from regular Les Mills Core classes, including more pronounced abs, a trimmer waist and a lifted butt. 

What To Expect In Your Les Mills Class

During your 30-minute Solihull Core class, our instructors will teach you a number of targeted techniques to firm and tone your core. 

You'll work with resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as perform body weight exercises to work your core to the max. 

There'll be exercises lying on your back, long-lever movements and hovers, standing exercises for the upper body, hips, legs and glutes. Plus core strength exercises focussed on rotation, obliques and back.

Can Les Mills Core Tone The Core?

The Les Mills Core class in Solihull is ideal for toning up the muscles in your abs, back and glutes.

By targetting specific muscles you will strengthen the back, abs, glutes and hips, giving you a more toned physique, more prominent muscle definition and better posture. 

Les Mills Core is proven to be more effective than many other traditional core training classes. And it can be done in just 30 minutes. So if you're ready to tone up your core, our Solihull CXWORX class is a great one to add to your fitness schedule!

Les Mills Core For Beginners

If you're about to take part in your first Core class in Solihull, welcome!

A few tips to get you started...

Arrive ten minutes early and introduce yourself to your Village Gym Core instructor. Let them know you're new to the class so that they can ensure they keep an eye on your technique.

Position yourself near the front of the class so you have a good view of your instructor to follow their lead.

If your first class feels a little challenging, skip using the weights and just focus on getting your technique right. 

Bring a bottle of water to ensure you stay hydrated, and choose clothing that is form-fitting. You'll spend a lot of time performing exercises lying on your back, so avoid loose shorts to protect your modesty!

How many times a week should I do a Core class?

The Les Mills Core class in Solihull crams all the benefits of a much longer workout into just 30 minutes. So it's easy to fit in regular Core sessions between your usual gym routine.

We'd recommend attending our Les Mills Core class two or three times each week for maximum results.

Leave a day in between each session to allow your muscles to repair and recover.

Combine your Core class with cardio or strength training to boost your fat burning potential and maximise toning. 


Are Your Ready For Les Mills Core?

Great for quick gains, a stronger body and a leaner look.

Book your Core class via the app or view the class timetable at your club...

Virtual Les Mills Classes

We get that sometimes your favourite class isn't available at your preferred time. Consider doing a virtual Les Mills Core fitness class available at selected times throughout the week. 

You'll get all the same workout techniques and all the pumping tunes, though in the absence of a Village Gym instructor.

If you're a Ccore beginner, we recommend taking part in an instructor-led class first, so that we can help you get to grips with the exercise techniques. 

What To Bring To A Core Class

We recommend you pack the following in your gym kit before your Les Mills Core class...

A bottle of water
A sweat towel
Close-fitting clothing that won't gape as you move
Comfortable footwear
A small snack to replenish energy after class (banana, protein bar...)
A friend (because it's way more fun with friends!)

The Benefits of a Les Mills Core Class

Take our Les Mills Core class in Solihull regularly and you'll notice...

Tighter & more pronounced abdominal muscles
Improved upper and lower body strength 
Improved balance and posture 
Stronger back 
More lean muscle mass for extra fat-burning potential
More calories burned to aid weight loss
Reduced back pain


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