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Pilates classes in solihull

Ready to stretch yourself and limber up? Get a full body toning session under your belt with our Pilates class at Village Gym Solihull. 

Our Pilates class is a great way to relax the body, and the mind, whist improving muscle strength, posture and making you all the more flexible!

Our Solihull Pilates fans deem it the stress-relief workout. Fitness and feel-good in one!

Solihull Pilates

Pilates classes at Village Gym Solihull will have you moving your body in ways you never knew it could!

Not like jumping jacks or burpees... this gentle fitness class focuses more on small, precise movements to target specific muscles at a time. 

It will help to strengthen the back, neck, upper body muscles and core, to improve your strength, balance, posture and overall body tone.  

Who Is Pilates Good For?

Our Solihull Pilates class is great for anyone!

Newcomers to the gym, fitness class fanatics looking for something new, older adults keen to maintain their active lifestyle, or Mum groups that love a social workout during the quieter times of the day. 

No matter what your fitness levels, you can really make it your own. Your Pilates instructor at Village Gym Solihull will adapt any movements unsuitable for your fitness level, allowing you to enjoy a full body workout that works for you!

Can Pilates Relieve Stress?

Stress-related conditions such as anxiety and depression currently affects one in ten adults in the Uk. Stress from a hectic work life, family or ever demanding comittments can lead to low mood, sleeping difficulties and poor posture.

Enjoying a Pilates class in Solihull can help to relieve stress and the side effects that come with it. 

The social aspect of our Pilates class is great for a boost of confidence and self-esteem. Whilst the breathing techniques used will help to promote calm, relaxing your whole body.

With relaxation, comes better sleep, so you'll find you can drift off more easily at night.

Make time to incorporate a Pilates class into your hectic schedule and begin to relieve yourself of stress.

Celebrity Pilates Fans

Several stars and professional athletes often include Pilates in their fitness regime after an injury to help recovery.

Our Solihull Pilates class is a great way to correct muscle imbalances, improve flexibility and help repair muscle strains, so it's no surprise it's popular amongst sports stars. David Beckham took up Pilates during his time at AC Milan.

Jennifer Anniston began Pilates to alleviate her chronic back pain and bad hip and Madonna is a huge Pilates ambassador, ensuring she gets a Pilates session done every day.



Well, it's still a workout, so if you're joining our Solihull Pilates class, be prepared to sweat and feel the burn.

You won't be running about, doing press ups or lifting weights, but you'll be making several movements that target specific muscle groups. The bodyweight exercises in our Solihull Pilates class are designed to put your body to work!

So it's not difficult, though it will challenge your physical limits. 

If you find the moves a little too challenging, our expert Pilates instructor will modify manouvres for you whilst you get into the swing of things. 

Pilates Improves Focus

The breathing techniques you'll practice during a pilates class in Solihull will help to relax the mind and body, restore calm and improve your concentration.

Stressed about that work presentation?

Tired from long motorway commutes?

Have a million jobs to do at home?

Regularly attending our Solihull pilates classes will help you to feel more alert, enjoy better concentration and clear your mind of stress. Leaving you more energy to tackle the tasks in hand!

Pilates For Older Adults

Pilates is a great fitness class for older members who want to work out without risking injury or discomfort.

No heavy weights, no high energy movements, this gentle class can help to keep the body flexible and lean.

Our Solihull Pilates class is popular with members over 60, thanks to the low impact techniques that help to relieve back pain, arthritis and improve balance.

Our older members love a Pilates class at Village Gym Solihull before catching up over a cuppa in the bar with their fellow gym members. 

"Our Solihull Pilates Family!"

"I've been doing Pilates twice a week at Village Gym Solihull for the past 4 months. I go every Tuesday and Thursday with my friend. It's easy to understand, really relaxing but you feel your body working."

"I've noticed a real difference in my body. My thighs are firmer, my balance is really good and I finally got rid of the neck pain I always had from sitting at a computer all day."

"The instructors are so friendly and get you excited about the class. It's a really fun class and you get to know all of the other members. It's like our little Solihull Pilates family!"

- Village Gym Solihull Pilates Fans -

Will Pilates Help Back Pain?

Yes, in fact, our Solihull Pilates class has become popular with members that have back or neck pain, arthritis or osteoporosis. 

The gentle exercises are easy on the joints and allow you to work your muscles without risk of injury or discomfort. 

Our Solihull Pilates class can help to improve flexibility and properly align your spine, taking pressure off the back to relieve pain. 

Pilates For Sports Players

If you're a tennis fan, squash player or golf lover, regularly enjoying one-sided sports like this can cause misalignment in the body. 

Our Solihull Pilates class will help to properly align your spine, developing muscular symmetry in order to improve your posture.

Better posture makes for a better serve, a stronger swing and will improve your ability to move quickly around a court. 



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