Yoga classes in Walsall

Prepare for a combination of stretching and breathing exercises that will relax the mind, tone the body and leave you feeling refereshed.

Our yoga classes at Village Gym Walsall can help improve posture, strength and flexibility.

We'll cover classic yoga styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga, designed to stretch the muscles and perfect that posture. 

Walsall Yoga

Our yoga class at Village Gym Walsall will get your body moving in ways you never knew it could!

We'll perform exercises to strengthen the back, neck muscles, upper body and core, to improve your strength, balance, posture and overall body tone.  

What are the benefits of yoga?

By regularly attending our Walsall yoga class, you'll notice the following health kicks...

increased flexibility
improved muscle strength and tone
improved breathing and more energy 
a better metabolism to aid with weight loss
improved cardio and circulatory health
reduced risk of injury

Who Is Yoga Good For?

Our Walsall yoga class is great for anyone!

Newcomers to Village Gym, fitness class fanatics looking for something new, older adults keen to maintain their active lifestyle, or Mum groups that love a sociable style of workout during the quieter times of the day. 

No matter what your fitness levels, you can really make it your own. 

Is Yoga Good For Stress Relief?

Yes. Stress-related conditions such as anxiety disorders and depression can be eased with regular yoga classes. So our Walsall yoga class is ideal for anyone with a stressful job, busy family life or sleeping difficulties.  

The social aspect of our Walsal yoga class will help to increase your confidence and self-esteem. Whilst the breathing techniques used will help to promote calm and relaxation.


Whilst it's not as high energy or exhausting as many other fitness classes we offer at Village Gym Walsall, our yoga class will still give you a great full body workout. 

So expect to feel those muscles recovering after your first session, as you'll have used a number of new muscle groups you wouldn't usually target. 

The yoga movements themselves may take a few goes to perfect, though your yoga instructor will guide you through the correct technique and modify positions for you whilst you get into the swing of things. 

Yoga For Head Space

Our yoga class in Walsall is a great way to relax the mind and body, feel much more calm and improve your concentration.

If you have a hectic family life, stressful job or struggle to concentrate throughout the day, regularly attending our Walsall yoga classes will help you to feel more alert and clear your mind of stress. Leaving you more energy to tackle the tasks in hand!

Is Yoga Good For Older Adults?

Sure is! Yoga is a great form of exercise for older Walsall members who want to maintain an active lifestye, without risking injury or discomfort.

No heavy weights, no high energy movements, our gentle yoga class can help to keep the body flexible and limber.

Our yoga class is popular with members over 60, thanks to the classic techniques that can help to relieve back pain, arthritis and improve balance.

What Our Yoga Fans In Walsall Say

"I've been doing yoga classes for about three months at Village Gym Walsall and it's now become a habit I can't give up! I love the way my body feels more flexible and everyday tasks are easier. The grandkids keep me on my toes!"

"The instructors at Village Gym Walsall are so friendly and make you feel at ease - even when you're upside down trying to hold your legs above your head! "

- Village Gym Walsall Yoga Fans -


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