CXWORX Classes in Warrington

Enjoy our CXWORX class at Village Gym Warrington! This 30 minute core training fitness class will have you moving to a pumping playlist under the guidance of an led expert Village Gym instructor.

According to creators, Les Mills:

“This intensely challenging 30-minute core workout gets you results where it counts the most.”

Using your body weight, resistance tubing and weight plates, you'll work on improving your strength and core muscle tone. 

Why We Love CXWORX in Warrington

Our CXWORX class in Warrington is one of the best fitnesses classes for members who want to transform their physique.

It's suitable for all ages, all fitness levels and abilities. 

Members at Village Gym Warrington love our Les Mills CXWORX class for the motivational boost they get from fellow members, and the high energy buzz in the studio.

Top tunes, fast pace, lots of sweat and big results!

What To Expect In Your CXWORX class

During your 30-minute Les Mills CXWORX class, our instructors will take you through various strength training exercises to firm and tone your core. 

You'll work with a variety of resistance equipment and weight plates, as well as performing body weight exercises to really feel the burn. 

The great things about our CXWORX class is that every exercise can be adapted to suit your fitness levels, making it a great choice for beginners, or older adults.

CXWORX For Weight Loss

Our CXWORX class in Warrington will get your heart pumping and your core strong.

As you continue to attend our CXWORX classes, you'll build muscle, helping your body to burn more calories, which makes it a top choice for members with weight loss goals.

Combine your CXWORX classes with regular cardio on the gym floor, and as you begin to see your weight loss results, you'll also notice a more toned butt and firmer abs.

Remember, that the core exercises you'll do in our CXWORX class won't show results if hidden under a layer of fat. So adding some cardio to your weight loss plan will help those abs to pop!

Tight On Time? CXWORX is For You!

As far as HIIT workouts go, our CXWORX class in Warrington is one of the most effective. Which is why it's popular with members who have busy lives outside of the gym. 

Our CXWORX class can be done in 30 minutes, and due to it's intensity, will give you all the benefits of a much longer workout.

Tone, sculpt, burn those calories and get your heart pumping in 30 minutes flat. Workout done.

Leaving you to pick the kids up from school, work on that business presentation or enjoy your hectic social schedule...

How many times should I do a CXWORX class?

We would recommend attending our CXWORX class in Warrington two or three times each week for maximum results.

The intensity of our class will produce great results, though the muscles need to be worked regularly if you're looking for a body transformation.

Trying to lose weight? Take a CXWORX class twice a week in between your cardio training to help tone up as you shed the pounds, plus burn additional calories.

After your CXWORX class, try to avoid further resistance training to avoid soreness.


Are Your Ready For CXWORX?

Great for quick gains, a stronger body and a leaner look.

Book your CXWORX class via the app or view the class timetable at your club...

Virtual CXWORX classes in Warrington

Crazy schedule? CXWORX not on when you want it?

If our CXWORX class in Warrington isn't happening at your preferred time, try a virtual class! You'll get all the same benefits of the usual class, just without a Village Gym instructor. 

If you're a CXWORX beginner, we recommend taking part in an instructor-led class first, so that we can help you get to grips with the exercise techniques and reduce your risk of injury. 

Is CXWORX Ok For Older Adults?

Yes! Though it looks physically demanding, the great thing about our Warrington CXWORX class is that you can make it your own.

If the exercises are too challenging, lower the intensity, decrease the repetitions or feel free not to use the weights.

Exercising the muscles around the core can improve everyday life for older adults. A strong core will help walking, reaching and carrying much easier. Plus, improved balance from a strong core can help reduce the risk of falls.  

What Is CXWORX good for?

Become a regular at our Les Mills CXWORX class in Warrington and you'll notice...

Tighter & more toned core muscles
Improved upper and lower body strength 
Improved balance
Stronger, more defined abs
More lean muscle mass for extra fat-burning potential
More calories burned to aid weight loss
Improved posture 


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