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If you're keen to shift those stubborn pounds, a little help goes a long way.

Village Gym members can buy 10 one hour Personal Training sessions at 20% off until end of January, with a bespoke weight loss workout plan, guaranteed to trim you down in five weeks.* 

Ready? Register your interest and we’ll be in touch.

*Yes, you have to stick to the plan, not just read it. 


Learn how to correctly use gym equipment
Enjoy one-to-one assessment of your exercise technique
Discover new ways to incorporate healthier options into your diet
Increased motivation towards achieving your fitness goals
Regular monitoring and assessment of your performance
Better use of your time in the gym
Learn new ways to push past your physical limits to torch calories and burn fat


No more trawling the net for 'proven weight loss diet plans' or '7 day fat loss tricks'. Despite what you might hear, you can't expect to eat lettuce for a week and drop three dress sizes. 

Our personal trainers will give you solid, credible advice on nutrition, to ensure you're making the right choices in your quest to lose weight.


We'll spend some time getting to know how much weight you plan to lose, what gets you motivated and how fit you currently are.

Then, we'll create a tailored workout plan that fits in with your schedule, and your idea of fun!

Your exercise plan will focus on blitzing calories, getting your heart pumping and torching calories. As you continue to become leaner, we'll adapt your fitness plan to ensure the results keep coming.


If you're just getting started on a new weight loss mission, or have hit a plateau, we're here to help.

Dismiss that mental picture you have of a drill-sergeant type trainer bellowing at you to do more push-ups. Personal Training isn't about that. It's about careful planning, measurement and motivating you towards your weight loss goal.

We sat down with Personal Trainer, Jane at Village Glasgow to find out what you can expect in your first session... 


If sweating it out solo under the watchful eye of your PT sounds a little daunting, grab a buddy, a colleague or your other half and tackle your weight loss mission together! 

Personal Training at Village Gym

No more 'weighting' around! Our personal trainers are ready to help you sculpt a sleeker physique in just five weeks.

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