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During your 30 minute Fitness Orientation, your trainer will refer to the measurements taken at your Health & Wellbeing Check and will create an initial 6 weeks fitness plan to help you reach your goals.

mywellness journey

You'll be working out using the latest Technogym equipment and tracking your progress using the Village Gym app. 

Just Getting Started?

Take a look at our top tips for tracking your fitness goals

MyWellness Setup

Your trainer will help you set up your MyWellness account, where you can log, view and track your fitness journey to encourage you to keep going. As well as your workouts in the gym, you can track your overall fitness levels by syncing with other apps such as Fitbit and MapMyFitness.

MYZONE Tracking

We love MYZONE belts because they take away the guesswork and allow you to work at exactly the right level. You'll be offered the option of wearing a belt during your orientation which will allow you to monitor your heart rate on our MYZONE screens. 

Wellness Journey

Your trainer will take you through a workout, covering cardio, strength and functional movements. This will form the basis of your first 6 weeks' training programme and we'll make sure it's set up on your MyWellness account to act as a helpful reminder with tips, pictures and videos. 

Group fitness

Your Fitness Orientation is the perfect time to have a chat with your trainer and find out more about the group fitness classes on offer. With over 100 classes per week, including the latest from Les Mills and exclusive Village Gym workouts like BURN, you'll be spoiled for choice. Try one of our Smart Classes for a taster of what's in store...


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