Swimtime's dedicated lessons for under fours... Swimbabies, is the perfect way to get your baby introduced to the water. 

Splash about, enjoy the feel of the water and get plenty of bonding time with baby, as well as fellow Village Gym Warrington members in our group swim class.


Swimtots lessons at Village Gym Warrington are ideal for kids aged 2 to 4. Our toddler swimming classes include plenty of play. We'll introduce your little ones to swimming strokes whilst playing games to bring out their confidence in the water.

Feel free to get in the water with them too...  plenty of parent/toddler fun!


Children’s swimming lessons are available in Warrington and are tailored based on experience and ability. So matter where your little one is up to, we have a class to keep them challenged and engaged. 

From getting kids used to wearing armbands, to improving swimming technique and working on those coveted swimming badges, we have a kids swimming lesson to suit. We also offer a master class for young swimmers who want to learn survival and rescue skills.

adult Swimming LESSONS in warrington

It's never too late to get started on learning to swim.

Adult swimming lessons are available at Village Gym Warrington, for all ages and abilities.

Whether you'd like to learn from scratch, develop your technique, improve your stroke or incorporate swimming into your overall fitness plan... we've got you covered.


Teaching your child to swim takes patience and persistance. Warrington parents that have tried will know the frustration that comes from trying to introduce a screaming tot to the water.

Naturally, when our little angels are in distress, we want to rescue them! Though parental instincts can often get in the way of breaking through that confidence barrier.

Our expert swimming tutors will take the trauma out of the tuition, coaching and developing your child as they gain confidence in the water.  We'll work on basic stroke technique, water safety, movement using floats and help them get to grips with their armbands. 

Feel free to watch from poolside, or get in the water with them. Rest assured that our team have the experience required to bring out their water wings!

Swimming Pool

Our 25 metre indoor heated swimming pool in Warrington is the ideal place to learn to swim. After your lesson, lounge by the poolside with our thermal facilities.

Refresh your skin after swimming with a stint in our sauna, steam room or kick back and unwind in our whirlpool spa. 

The benefits of kids swimming lessons

Allow your child to learn life-saving skills to protect themselves in the water
Get kids excited about being physically active in a fun way
Increase their confidence in and around the water - great for holidays!
Swimming has been shown to heighten kid's cognitive development 
Improve baby's appetite for better digestion
Swimming will help to burn energy, helping kids to sleep better at night
Develop balance, improve posture and aid co-ordination

The benefits of adult swimming lessons

Learn life-saving skills to keep you and your little ones safe
Swimming regularly is a great way to maximise your weight loss and toning goals 
Encourage your children to maintain an active lifestyle... in a fun way!
Build endurance, muscle strength and cardio fitness
A great low impact workout, perfect for members with muscle strains, weak joints or back pain, plus older adults and ante-natal women

Swimming lessons for sports training

Already know how to swim? Swimming tuition is available for members who are preparing for sporting events such as triathlons and long distance swims. 

Whilst you may think yu've got your swimming covered, we can advise on advanced techniques to build muscle strength, increase stamina and how to use swimming as part of your training plan to maximise your performance. 


Set your goals and we'll show you how we can help you achieve them

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