The miracle formula for new mums

27th March 2024 by Village Gym + Les Mills

As levels of post-natal depression and anxiety soar, new research reveals how ‘Neapolitan workouts’ can help new moms reduce feelings of anxiety by up to 55 percent.

Fit For Menopause

18th March 2024 by Village Gym + Les Mills

The hormonal turbulence many women face during midlife is rarely discussed, but Niki Bezzant believes that needs to change. As the author of This Changes Everything: The Honest Guide to Menopause and Perimenopause, Bezzant brings excellent advice for women of all ages including how we can use exercise to prepare our bodies and ease the symptoms associated with hormonal change.

Women Inner Thighs Workout

15th March 2024

Using your period as a superpower

13th March 2024 by Village Gym + Les Mills

Is it time you changed the way you think about your period? You’ll get the best from your body when you switch from treating that time of the month as an inconvenience and start using your period as a superpower. Here’s how to start…

Female 4 Week Workout Plan (1)

4th March 2024


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