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Pilates classes near me

Our Pilates classes at Village Gym Aberdeen is a fun, open to all fitness class, designed to improve your flexibility, posture and balance through a low impact, full body workout.

Our Aberdeen members love how our Pilates class leaves them feeling fitter, more alert and more limber. What's not to love about that?

Pilates Classes In Aberdeen

At Village Gym Aberdeen, our Pilates classes focus on controlled movements and breathing techniques for a full body workout, without the fast pace.  

Using your own bodyweight for resistance, we'll target the back, upper body muscles and core, to improve your strength and body tone.  

Who Will Love Pilates

Our Pilates class is more about flow than fast-paced fitness. The low impact techniques we use at Village Gym Aberdeen make it a great full body workout for all ages and abilities.

Many members who suffer from lower back pain or osteoporosis choose our pilates class, thanks to the gentle movements and low pressure on the joints. It's the quality, not the quantity of your moves that counts here. 

Our pilates class is a great option for anyone who loves the social side of a group workout, those trying to lose weight or members looking for a fun way to tone up.

What To Wear For Your Pilates Class

So, you've booked your Pilates class at Village Gym Aberdeen. What to wear?

Pilates is about fluid, smooth movements, so you'll likely want to wear something that allows your body stretch and move freely.

We've put together a few tips on the perfect workout wardrobe to ensure you hit our Aberdeen pilates studio dressed for success.


Pilates was invented by German carpenter and gymnast, Joseph Pilates. He wanted to help injured dancers and soldiers maintain their fitness levels, without risking further injury.

Joseph Pilates believed that physical and mental health were well connected. Something we live and breathe here at Village Gym Aberdeen!

In the 1920's he opened a Pilates studio in New York. It's since become a staple fitness class in studios across the world!


Our pilates class at Village Gym Aberdeen is designed for members who want to transform the way their body looks, feels and how easily it moves.

Attending regular pilates classes can help to improve your body's strength and tone. Over time, you'll notice firmer thighs, tighter glutes and a flatter stomach.



The hundred (while focussing on breathing, we'll target core strength to improve stability)

The roll up (a gentle, well-controlled move to stretch the spine and strengthen abs)

Leg circles (pilates movements to strengthen the hips and core muscles)

Rolling ball (this move will massage the spine and open up the back)

Series of 5 (a series of pilates moves designed to strengthen the core and back muscles)


You'll get a lot more from your pilates class at Village Gym Aberdeen than just a fun workout! Our pilates class offers a number of great benefits too...

Banish The Bingo Wings

Pilates is a great option for strengthening the upper arms, tightening your glutes and toning up any wobbly bits!


Lengthen Those Legs

It's no wonder that several leading models and dancers choose pilates. Regularly done, it elongates the arm and leg muscles, giving you a leaner, more slender look. 

Got Your Back

Lower-back pain can often be caused by weak abdominal muscles and bad posture. Our Aberdeen pilates class works your core and perfects your posture which will help to relieve lower back pain.

Stress Relief

Attending regular pilates classes can help to reduce stress and improve stress-related conditions such as insomnia and anxiety.

Improve Focus

The breathing techniques you'll practice during a pilates class will help to relax the mind and body, restore calm and improve your concentration.

Perfect Your Performance

Tennis fan? Keen golfer? If you regularly play one-sided sports, your body can become misaligned.

Our Pilates class will help to properly re-align your body, develop muscular symmetry to improve your posture.

Pilates For PreNatal

Pilates is a great choice of fitness class for pregnant women, as it helps to align the spine and pelvis. Perfect for both post and pre-natal women who want to maintain their fitness levels, strengthen pelvic muscles or prepare for childbirth.

Energy Boost

Our pilates class can help improve blood circulation, and give you a much-needed energy boost to help you feel more alert. 

Our Gym Facilities

Of course, we offer much more than Pilates classes! A look at our fitness facilities in Aberdeen... 


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