Circuit Training Basingstoke

Tired of the pounding the treadmill? Ready to add some variety to your workout? Join our fun, fast-paced circuit training class at Village Gym Basingstoke!

Our 45 minute circuit training class will give your cardio fitness a boost, whilst toning the legs, upper body, glutes and core.

It's great for weight loss, improving endurance or training for sporting events. 

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Our circuit workouts are fun, physically challenging and packed with health benefits... 

Improve cardio fitness Become more agile Break through plateaus
Increase muscle strength Enjoy a better quality of sleep Improve co-ordination
Gain more stamina Sculpt a more toned physique Create more defined abs
Help weight loss Improve breathing Increase metabolism
Increase energy Lift your mood Relieve back pain

Circuit Training | Typical Exercises

Our Circuit Training class at Village Gym Basingstoke will be big on variety, so expect to enjoy the following exercises for a workout that targets all key muscle groups...

Squat Jumps Push Ups Squat to press
Burpees Tuck Jumps Jumping Jacks
Skipping Dumbbell Squats Bench Dips
Squat Thrusts Lunges Kick Backs
Hip Thrusts Bicycle Kicks Kettlebell Swings
Medicine Ball Chest Press Shuttle Runs Press Ups
Sit Ups Oblique Crunches Supermans

Does Circuit Training Help Weight Loss?

Yes. Make our Basingstoke Circuit Training classes a regular addition to your workouts on our brand new gym floor, and you'll build muscle mass, increasing your metabolism and helping you to blast calories. 

The fast pace and variety of our Basingstoke Circuit Training class will have you boosting your cardio fitness and working all major muscle groups, to sculpt a sleeker physique as you shed those pounds. 

Circuit Training for Beginners

New to circuit training? No problem, the great thing about our Basingstoke circuit class is that it's suitable for all fitness abilities.

So, if you've never tried a circuit training class before, you won't feel out of your depth. Just let your instructor know you're a beginner and work at your own pace.

Your Village Gym class instructor will adapt any exercises that you may find too challenging whilst you get settled in. 

How Does Basingstoke's Circuit Class Go?

If you're attending our circuit training class in Basingstoke, your class may go a little like this...

Upper Body Circuit Exercises
Pull ups, push ups, shoulder press

Lower Body Circuit Exercises
Squats, lunges, step ups

Core Busting Circuit Exercises
Plank, bicycle kicks, crunches, sit-ups

Cardio Circuits
Shuttle runs, skipping, jumping jacks

Full Body Circuit Workouts
Burpees and bear crawls

Circuit Training For Seniors

Whilst circuit training is certainly a fast paced kinda class, there's no age limit when it comes to having a go! 

Village Gym members over a certain age love the variety and adaptability of our circuit training workouts. Just make it your own! Most of the exercises can be adapted to avoid discomfort, and you're free to go at your own pace. 

Circuit training is a great way for older adults to stay flexible, improve balance, co-ordination and maintain a healthy weight. 


Circuit Training vs. HIIT

What's the difference?

Circuit training is about performing one exercise after another with no rest in between. This gets your heart pumping and your muscles working hard to improve cardio fitness and endurance.

During a HIIT workout, you'll perform exercises at full pace, with intervals of rest in between to bring your heart rate back down before the next round. Great for boosting your metabolism and improving recovery time. 

So now you know!

Circuit Training For Muscular Endurance

Keen to boost endurance and add muscle strength?

Incorporating a mixture of exercises in order to target a wide range of muscles, circuit training is a great way to increase your body’s muscular endurance and power. 

We caught up with Personal Trainer, George, to find out how ...

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