Tai Chi Styles

There are five different styles of Tai Chi, all of which we use in our classes at Village Gym Blackpool. Find the style that works for you and adapt it for your own fitness levels. All styles of Tai Chi are about continuous movement from one pose to the next.

Yang style Tai Chi focuses on slow, graceful movements and upping your relaxation levels. A great class for beginners.

Wu style Tai Chi is all about micro-movements. You'll move slowly, making only slight movements at a time to strengthen key muscles and improve balance.

Chen style Tai Chi is a combination of slow moves with faster poses worked in. Think, punches, kicks and squats. 

Sun style Tai Chi is very similar to Chen style, though less challenging, great for older adults of Tai Chi newbies.

Hao style Tai Chi focusses more on posture, positioning the body and strength.