Tai Chi Classes in Blackpool

If you're a fan of holistic fitness or martial arts, you'll enjoy our Tai Chi class in Blackpool. 

If you haven't tried Tai Chi before, this fitness class is all about deep breathing, combined with slow, graceful movements.

Our Blackpool Tai Chi classes offer a relaxing low impact workout perfect for all ages and fitness levels.

Easy to follow and great when shared with friends, our Tai Chi class will leave you feeling revived and refreshed. 

Find your Chi...

The Benefits of Tai Chi

The health benefits of a Tai Chi class go way beyond the toning and strengthening results you'll gain from many other fitness classes.

You'll get them too, plus a bumper crop of other wellness-boosting effects...

Tai Chi For Weight Loss

Though our Blackpool Tai Chi class won't work you up into a sweat, it will help you to tone the body and strengthen muscles. Done on it's own, Tai Chi isn't the best class for weight loss, though when coupled with a slick fat-burning cardio programme, it makes a great supplement to your weight loss plan.

Through our Tai Chi class in Blackpool, you'll develop increased muscle mass, improving your body's ability to burn fat. The increase in your metabolism will keep the body burning fuel for longer, aiding your weight loss goals. 

A more toned physique also helps the body to appear slimmer. 

Tai Chi Styles

There are five different styles of Tai Chi, all of which we use in our classes at Village Gym Blackpool. Find the style that works for you and adapt it for your own fitness levels. All styles of Tai Chi are about continuous movement from one pose to the next.

Yang style Tai Chi focuses on slow, graceful movements and upping your relaxation levels. A great class for beginners.

Wu style Tai Chi is all about micro-movements. You'll move slowly, making only slight movements at a time to strengthen key muscles and improve balance.

Chen style Tai Chi is a combination of slow moves with faster poses worked in. Think, punches, kicks and squats. 

Sun style Tai Chi is very similar to Chen style, though less challenging, great for older adults of Tai Chi newbies.

Hao style Tai Chi focusses more on posture, positioning the body and strength.

Tai Chi For Back Pain

If you're usually bent double or let out a cry when reaching, bending or twisting, our Tai Chi class in Blackpool can help.

Many members suffering from back aches and pains find that Tai Chi helps to lesson the symptoms.

It's low impact, with gentle stretching movements that will strengthen the back muscles without over-exertion. By improving your flexibility and aligning your spine, you'll relieve pressure on the back and neck, plus walk straighter too.  

Tai Chi For Older Adults

Thanks to the low impact nature of our Tai Chi class, it's no surprise that it's so popular with our older Blackpool members.

Easy on the joints, straight forward movements and unlikely to get you too out of breath,our more senior Blackpool members love a spot of Tai Chi followed by a cuppa tea afterwards!

Great for low back pain sufferers, members with osteoarthitis or weak joints. Plus regular Tai Chi will improve balance, reducing the risk of falling.

Sleep Deep

Sleeping trouble?

If you struggle to get to the land of nod, our Blackpool Tai Chi class can help you enjoy a better night's sleep.

The breathing techniques and relaxing positions used in our Tai Chi class will help the body to release tension, resulting in a better quality of sleep, and for longer too.

It will also help to relieve any symptoms of back or knee pain, which can also cause a disruptive night's kip.

What Can Tai Chi Do For Me?

Attending our Tai Chi class in Blackpool on a regular basis can...

Tone the body and sculpt a leaner silhouette
Improve your upper and lower body strength
Improve your balance and posture
Improve your coordination and agilit
Relieve stress and improve your mood
Help you to breathe more effectively (great for allergy sufferers!)
Motivate you towards a weight loss goal
Solidify your comittment to your workouts
Help with recovery after injury
Promote calm and reduce anxiety



A yoga based fitness class designed to increase flexibility and strength.


Raise The Barre

Our Barre workouts, designed by Les Mills, are accessible to all fitness and flexibility levels.

Combining classic ballet positions with plentiful repetitions of small movements using very light weights, our Barre class will improve posture and help shape your body. 

The benefits of a Pilates class

The health benefits of a holistic class go way beyond the toning and strengthening results you'll gain from many other fitness classes.

You'll get them too, plus a bumper crop of other wellness-boosting effects...


Improve your posture, strength and flexibility with our Yoga class.

What To Wear For Your Tai Chi Class

So, you've booked your Tai class at Village Gym Blackpool, though you have no idea what to wear.  

We've put together a few tips on the perfect workout wardrobe to ensure you hit enter Blackpool Tai Chi class dressed for success.

Tai Chi Classes To Improve Flexibility

The Tai chi positions used in our Blackpool fitness class will have you standing, sitting, stretching and twisting. All of which will help to stretch and relax any tense muscle tissue.

If you're not feeling so flexible, these Tai Chi exercises are ideal for relieving stiffness, tension or repairing injuries such as tears. 

We'll begin our Tai Chi class with a warm up, including shoulder circles, turning the head from side to side, reaching and bending. All great (and easy!) ways to improve your body's flexibility. 


Our Blackpool Tai Chi class is ideal for members who want to improve muscle tone and create a leaner look. 

The exercises used in our Tai Chi class will strenthgn the legs, glutes and core, leading to a slimmer more toned appearance over time.

Tai Chi isn't a high energy workout, so it's best enjoyed as an additional to your usual gym workout if you're hoping to tone and sculpt the body. 

Our Gym Facilities

Of course, we offer much more than fitness classes! A look at our cutting-edge health and wellness facilities in Blackpool... 


Our gym in Blackpool has state-of-the-art cardio machines with touch screen technology and iPod docks, resistance machines and spacious free weight and stretching areas as well as expert Personal Trainers, a running track and squash courts.

Swimming Pool

At Village Gym Blackpool there are two swimming pools to choose from, an indoor and an outdoor pool, plenty of pool based group fitness classes as well as a sauna, steam room and spa pool.


Love group fitness? Our gym in Blackpool has a great selection of classes on offer. From high intensity Les Mills fitness classes to more relaxing classes like Pilates and Tai Chi.

Group Cycling

From Virtual Spin Fat Burn to Sprints and Intervals, Village Gym Blackpool has a great selection of instructor-led and virtual spinning classes, guaranteed to get your heart rate up. 



Make the most of your workout at Village Gym Blackpool with our amazing selection of Technogym cardio and resistance equipment.

Our Social Scene

Our Blackpool members know how to socialise! Make those weekend plans with friends over a light bite at Buca di Beppo, a saintly salad in the Village Pub or a smoothie in Starbucks. The perfect way to wind down after your workout and enjoy our member's social scene.

Member Benefits

Being a member of Village Gym gives you discounted dining at The Village Grill and The Village Pub, great room rates and exclusive access to high street discounts through our member benefits programme.

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