"The Best Yoga In Bracknell"

That’s what they tell us. Brimming with mind-sharpening and body toning benefits, our yoga classes at Village Gym Bracknell will improve your posture, strength and flexibility. Plus, improve focus, relaxation and sleep.

We offer a variety of Yoga styles at our Bracknell gym including Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Whether you’re a regular yoga bunny or looking to try something new, our yoga studio caters to all holistic fitness fans in Bracknell, Camberley, Ascot and everywhere in between.

Discover Hatha Yoga In Berkshire

Our Hatha yoga classes involve gentle, controlled and seamless movements. Each pose is held for a long time to improve your balance. We also practice a variety of breathing exercises to calm the mind as your body continues to move and flex. It’s all about focus!


Yogi Level: Newbies 

Benefits: Stress reliever, full body workout & better breathing.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Yoga with an upbeat cardio twist, our Vinyasa classes are choreographed to motivational music designed to get your body moving fluidly to the beat. Through continuous breathing techniques, you will leave feeling refreshed, energised and relaxed. 

Our Vinyasa yoga classes in Bracknell are perfect for beginners and yogi bunnies who want to turn up the intensity. A little cardio to get your heart rate up without the high impact!


Yogi Level: Everyone

Benefits: Full body toning, core building & flexibility.

Ashtanga Yoga

Change up your workout regime and add a little Ashtanga yoga class to your week. Fluid, full body movements that will turn up your heart rate, yoga releases endorphins, aids weight loss and calms your mind, body & soul. 


Yogi Level: Advanced & physically fit members

Benefits: Improving body flexibility and mentally calming & stimulating.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Our Ashtanga yoga classes in Bracknell are perfect for our yoga bunnies who want to turn up the heat. 

We will focus on targeting and building your core strength as well as toning the entire body. With sun salutations to start, a range of poses in the middle and relaxing moves at the end, be prepared to challenge your body! 

Remember, Ashtanga yoga is upbeat, so prepare to sweat and stretch your body to new limits.


Good For The Gut 

Pumps up your heart rate and targets key muscle groups to help quicken your digestion.

Get Flexible 

You’ll move your whole body through a range of movements, encouraging mobility and strengthening your core. Our gentle stretches help minimise any muscle aches and pains, perfect for those with joint pain or lower back pains. 

Speed Up Circulation

If you become a regular to our yoga classes in Bracknell, your circulation and blood pressure will improve. 

Calming Those Nerves

Stressful day? Yoga will relax muscles for better circulation, breathing and decreased anxiety. So if you’re on the hunt for mood-boosting Bracknell yoga classes, we’ve got you covered.


Posture Perfection 

Utilising smooth and controlled movements to stretch the spine will help you perfect that posture, relieve pressure on your back and neck. And on that note, better posture = tall and slim figure! 

Improved Balance 

Yoga is the perfect recipe for strengthening your balance, coordination and core. 

Better Breathing

With a true focus on breathing, our yoga classes in Bracknell will help air circulate and enhance your lung capacity. With better breathing, you’ll sleep a lot more and a lot better! 

Aids Injury

As a low impact fitness class, you aid muscle or injury recovery with our poses. The gentle movements focus on engaging your core without moving too fast.

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s one of the most popular exercise classes because it caters to everyone, all abilities and all ages. 

You might take a peek in our Bracknell yoga studio and see a lot of people in tight shorts or lycra, but don’t be fooled, yoga is a killer workout for the whole body. 

Don’t be scared if you’re new to yoga, we’ll let you know what to expect at your first yoga class in Bracknell

How Tough Is Yoga?

Some poses are harder than others, but the more you come along to our Bracknell yoga classes, the more flexible you’ll become. 

The first poses you’ll master will be Downward-facing dog, Child’s pose, Eagle, Half Moon and Lord of the Dance - weird names we know, but the poses are beneficial! 

If you’re struggling to get into the positions, our yoga instructors will adapt the poses to suit you until you feel comfortable testing your body. If you’re new, don’t be afraid to let us know and we can settle you in.

Will Yoga Make Me Toned?

Hell yes - yoga will target your legs, glutes, thighs and abs, full body toning to make you the strongest and best version of yourself. 

Within our yoga classes in Berkshire, each muscle group will be put under tension to allow you to strengthen each area individually. Whether it’s a J-LO booty, a sleeker physique or killer set of pins, yoga will help you achieve your goals!

What To Wear To Yoga

Yoga classes are all about fluid and seamless movements, so we’d advise you wear something stretchy and comfortable that allows your body to move freely. 

If you’d like a few pointers for some yoga approved attire to add to your wardrobe, we’ve got your back!

When Should I Eat Before Yoga?

Have your last meal at least one hour before attending our yoga classes, make it light or just a snack. Yoga on a full stomach can make you feel quite nauseous! 

After class, have plenty of water and good sources of protein and carbs in your post-workout meal.


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