Our Pilates classes at Village Gym Bristol are designed to develop flexibility, joint mobility, and improve your posture through gentle, low impact techniques.

Perfect for those that love a little spirituality, Pilates will relax your mind, and leave you feeling refreshed.

Local Pilates Classes In Filton

Our Pilates classes focus on the concept of control rather than cranking out as many reps as possible.

It’s about using your muscles against gravity, using the body for resistance and targeting specific areas to improve strength.

There’ll be plenty of breathing, lots of stretching and new ways to work your body for an all-over toning workout.

Who Will Love Pilates

The low impact nature of a pilates class makes it a great full body workout for all fitness abilities including members with osteoporosis and back pain.

Many of our older members at Village Gym Bristol choose our pilates class, thanks to the low intensity of our techniques

A great choice for those that love the community spirit of a group workout, and a holistic approach to fitness. 

A great fitness class for those focussed on weight loss, full body toning or improving posture.

What To Wear For Your Pilates Class

Pilates classes are all about fluid movements, so you'll want to wear something that allows you to move, stretch and contort your body into numerous positions!

So we've outlined a few pointers to put together the perfect workout wardrobe to ensure you hit our pilates studio dressed for the occasion.


Developed by Joseph Pilates, a German carpenter and gymnast, Pilates was invented to help injured dancers and soldiers get their fitness fix, without risk of further injury. Joseph Pilates said that physical and mental health were closely connected. In the 1920's he opened a Pilates studio in New York. It's been a hit at fitness clubs across the globe ever since!


Our Pilates class in Filton can help transform the way your body looks, feels and moves

Pilates done regularly, builds strength and tones the body, helping to create a sleek physique, tight thighs, lifted glutes and flatter abs.

What's not to love?


The hundred (a breathing exercise which targets core strength and improves stability)

The roll up (a slow, controlled move to stretch the spine and the back, and strengthen the abs)

Leg circles (designed to strengthen the hips and core)

Rolling ball (massages the spine and really opens up the back)

Series of 5 (a group of moves to strengthen the abs and back)


You'll get a lot more from your Bristol pilates class than just a fun workout! Our pilates class offers a number of great benefits too...

Banish The Bingo Wings

Great for toning the upper arms, tightening your tushee and working those wobbly bits!

Elongate Leg Muscles

There's a reason many models and dancers love pilates. The strength training aspect elongates your muscles, giving your legs a leaner, more slender look. 

Got Your Back

Lower-back pain is often caused by weak stomach muscles and bad posture. Our pilates class will work the core, and improve posture which in turn will help to relieve back pain.

Stress Relief

Regular pilates can help to decrease stress and conditions such as insomnia and anxiety.

Improve Focus

The breathing techniques used in our pilates class help to restore calm and improve your concentration.

Perfect Your Performance

Many gym members find that their body are misaligned due to the one-sided nature of certain sports e.g. using a tennis racket or swinging a golf club.

Our Pilates class will help to balance your body, developing muscular symmetry to align your posture, and reducing the risk of injury.

Perfect For PreNatal

Pilates is a great fitness class for pregnant women, helping to align the spine and pelvis. Perfect for both post and pre-natal women who want to maintain their fitness, strengthen pelvic muscles or prepare the body for childbirth.

Energy Boost

The breathing techniques and improved blood circulation that comes from our pilates class bring a boost in energy, making you feel more alert and more positive. 

Our Gym Facilities

Of course, we offer much more than Pilates! A look at our brand new fitness facilities in Bristol... 


Our gym in Bristol has state-of-the-art cardio machines with touch screen technology and iPod docks, resistance machines and spacious free weight and stretching areas as well as expert Personal Trainers on hand to offer expert guidance. 

Swimming Pool

At Village Gym Bristol there's a heated indoor swimming pool, plenty of pool based group fitness classes as well as a sauna, steam room and whirlpool to unwind in. 


Love group fitness? Our gym in Bristol has a great selection of classes on offer. If you love pilates, you'll love our other holistic fitness classes such as Yoga, Body Balance, Tai Chi and Barre. 

Group Cycling

From Virtual Spin Fat Burn to Sprints and Intervals, Village Gym Bristol has a great selection of group cycling classes, guaranteed to get your heart rate up. 



Make the most of your workout at Village Gym Bristol with our selection of Technogym cardio and resistance equipment. A great way to warm up before your Pilates class.

Our Social Scene

Our Bristol members know how to socialise! Make those weekend plans with friends over a light bite or a saintly salad in the Village Pub or a smoothie in Starbucks. The perfect way to wind down after your Pilates class.

Member Benefits

Being a member of Village Gym gives you discounted dining at the Village Pub and restaurant, great room rates and exclusive access to high street discounts through our Village Club programme.

Personal Training

Reach those fitness goals with the help of our Personal training team.



A yoga based fitness class designed to increase flexibility and strength.

Raise The Barre

Our Barre workouts, designed by Les Mills, are accessible to all fitness and flexibility levels.

Combining classic ballet positions with high repetitions of slight movements using very light weights, Barre can improve posture and help shape your body. 

The benefits of a Pilates class

The health benefits of a holistic class go way beyond the toning and strengthening results you'll gain from many other fitness classes.

You'll get them too, plus a bumper crop of other wellness-boosting effects...


Improve your posture, strength and flexibility with our Yoga class.

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