Tai Chi Classes in Cheadle

If you're a Manchester fitness fanatic looking for a new way to work out... and wind down, you'll love our Cheadle Tai Chi class.

Based the ancient Chinese practice, our Tai Chi class in Cheadle involves meditation, deep breathing and gentle exercises to tone and strengthen the body.

You'll perform slow, controlled movements to help to build muscle strength, improve balance and increase flexibility.

Can Older People Do Tai Chi?

Yep. In fact, our Cheadle Tai Chi class is popular with many of our Manchester members over 60, as it's low impact and less stressful on the body.

Our Tai Chi class will help to improve posture, which is great for reducing back pain, plus perfect your balance, which can help you walk better, bend without falling and carry items more easily.

It's gentle, low intensity, yet will give you a full body workout and a good dose of relaxation!

Can Tai Chi Treat Health Conditions?

Research into Tai Chi classes for the effective treatment of health conditions has found numerous benefits, including...

Improvements in balance
Increased flexibility
Better stamina
Lower blood pressure
Better heart health
Improved mood and mental health
Decreased symtoms of fibromyalgia
Better breathing for asthmatics
Effective treatment for insomnia

Can Tai Chi Relieve Stress?

Yes. Tai Chi, like many other holistic fitness classes such as Yoga and Pilates, is a great way to reduce your stress levels, or improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

The gentle movements used in our Cheadle Tai Chi class, coupled with meditation and breathing exercises can help to relieve muscle tension, relax a worried mind and make you feel more positive.

The natural high you'll get from working out with a group is also great for boosting your confidence and lifting your mood.

How Often should i do tai chi?

To get the most our of your Tai Chi class and start to see results, we recommend taking part twice or three times a week.

You can fit your cardio session in between your Tai Chi classes to maximise weight loss, muscle tone and strength.

You can also practice the exercises from your Cheadle Tai Chi class in your own time at home.

What Our Cheadle Tai Chi Fans Say

"I've been attending Tai Chi classes at Village Gym Cheadle for over a year. When I began, I suffered from a mis-aligned spine which caused lower back pain when sitting down or getting out of a chair.

The class is gentle and once you master the movements, it's really easy to follow. You won't get tired or sweat too much, though afterwards you will feel that your muscles have been worked.

My back pain is now greatly improved and I stand taller, walk straighter and find it much easier to sit down."

Diane | Village Cheadle Tai Chi Fan

How Our Cheadle Tai Chi Class Works

Our Tai Chi class in Cheadle features the following elements...


To activate the muscles, we'll perform shoulder circles, head turns and exercises to loosen up the muscles and joints. We'll do some breathing exercises to get you into a focussed, clear mindset.  

Tai Chi

We'll practise both short form movements which are small and slow, and long form movements which are higher in quantity and done at a faster pace. If you're new, or recovering from injury, stick with the short form movements until you get comfortable with the class.

Qigong (or chi kung)

Translated as "breath work" or "energy work," we'll spend a few minutes focussed on gentle breathing with slow movements to relax the mind and instill calm throughout the body.

I'm New To Tai Chi

Newbie? No problem! If you've never tried a Tai Chi class before, our Cheadle Tai Chi class is suitable no matter what your fitness levels.

Our Tai Chi class is a great way to ease yourself into gym life if you've just become a member. 

Start with one session each week alongside your other cardio training on the gym floor, and build up over time once you've mastered the moves. 

Can Kids Do Tai Chi in Cheadle?

To attend our Tai Chi classes in Cheadle, you'll need to be at least sixteen years old.

Though, if you have younger kids at home, you can always teach them some of the basic Tai Chi movements practised in class, to encourage them to enjoy being physically active.

It's a great way to relax them before bedtime!

Ask your Village Gym Tai Chi instructor which movements are safe for kids and hold your own Kids Tai Chi class in your living room!

The Benefits of Tai Chi

Become a regular at our Tai Chi class in Cheadle and you'll soon notice...

A more toned, sleeker physique
Improved strength in your legs, thighs and glutes
Improved balance and better posture (which makes you look taller!)
Better your coordination and agility
Less stress and better mood
Better breathing which makes for effective management of asthma, and promotes better sleep.  

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