With old age, our bodies don't always perform as well as we'd like them to. The hearing begins to struggle, our eyes start playing up and suddenly we can't seem to get out of bed without a groan. That'll be the joint pain then.

Many older adults choose to commit to a gym membership in order to maintain an active lifestyle and help them perform better in everyday life. Whilst we can't do anything about the hearing, we can do a lot to ensure you're as fit and able as possible. 

Many of our older members love a little holistic fitness to keep them in shape. It's low impact, so easy on the joints and perfect for members with arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis or other muscular pain. 

So it's no surprise that our holistic fitness classes are so popular with older fitness fans In fact, our Edinburgh Tai Chi class is one of the most popular amongst members over 55. They love nothing more than a spot of Tai Chi followed by a cuppa tea afterwards!

Great for low back pain sufferers, regular Tai Chi classes will improve balance and posture, making everyday tasks such as lifting and reaching much easier, and also reducing the risk of falling.

It's all about slow, smooth movements, so whilst you won't work up a huge sweat, you'll certainly feel the effects afterwards. The relaxation techniques in our Tai Chi class will also help to relieve stress and improve sleep.

Here's what our members say:

"I've been doing Tai Chi in Aberdeen for six months and have noticed an improvement in my sciatica. It's a fun class that really does stretch your muscles."

"We go to Tai Chi every week and love how easy the steps are to follow, making it perfect for a woman with two left feet!"

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