What Is BodyPump?

Les Mills created BodyPumpfor those who love to add something a little different into their workout routine. 

Our Coventry BodyPump class is barbell workout that will give you a cardio hit, tone the upper body and strengthen the core. 

Guided by an expert instructor, you'll use a variety of weights, lots of repetition and varying intensities for a fun fat-burning workout.


Let's BodyPump!

Our BodyPump class in Coventry features scientifically-proven techniques from Les Mills, led by motivational Village Gym instructors. 

Set to a playlist of the latest dance tracks, you'll lift, lunge, and work your way to a leaner physique. 

Book your BodyPump class via the app or view the class timetable at Village Gym Coventry.


Our BodyPump class instructors were taught the Les Mills way. So you can be sure that you're getting slick techniques and fresh new ways to workout. 

Expect all the latest motivational music, with each track focussing on a different muscle group.

You'll lift heavier weights to work muscle groups such as the quads and core, and lighter weight with more reps, for small muscles like the triceps and calves.

Is BodyPump Good For Runners?

If you're taking part in the Coventry Festival of Running or Half Marathon, work a BodyPump class into your training regime. 

Weight training classes like our Coventry BodyPump class will strengthen the legs and knees, enabling you to run faster and without injury. 

The cardio hit you'll get from our BodyPump class will improve lung function, helping you to run for longer and hone an effective breathing technique. It will also help strengthen you back muscles for better posture and running form. 

Who Will Love BodyPump

Our Coventry BodyPump class is ideal for members no matter what age or fitness level. If you've never lifted weights before, this class is a great way to get started on a new weight training regime. 

If you're keen to lose weight, our BodyPump class will help to boost your metabolism, enabling you to burn more calories even after the class is over. 

Cardio fans will love the high energy of this class, and HIIT lovers will love the fast pace. 

BodyPump For Seniors

Our Coventry BodyPump class has no age limits, so it's never a surprise to see some of our more senior members enjoying a weight training class.

Great for strengthening the core, BodyPump can help to improve posture, balance and strength, reducing lower back pain, symptoms of arthritis and helping to prevent falls in older adults.

Make the class work for you. Choose lighter weights if you need to, or perform a few reps without weights to ensure you're still getting the body moving!

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