Love a workout with plenty of variety? You'll love our fast-paced circuit training class in Hull.

Hit the studio, get your heart pumping, legs working and enjoy a full body workout that will tone and shape. 

Our Hull circuit and HIIT classes will develop your upper and lower body strength and aerobic fitness, great for anyone with weight loss or cardio fitness goals. 


During our Hull Circuit Training class, you'll tackle the following exercises for a workout that targets all key muscle groups...

Squat Jumps Push Ups Squat to press
Burpees Tuck Jumps Jumping Jacks
Skipping Dumbbell Squats Bench Dips
Squat Thrusts Lunges Kick Backs
Hip Thrusts Bicycle Kicks Kettlebell Swings
Medicine Ball Chest Press Shuttle Runs Press Ups
Sit Ups Oblique Crunches Supermans

Circuit Training For Weight Loss

If you're keen to shed some weight, our Circuit Training and HIIT classes in Hull will get your heart pumping, helping you to torch calories and burn fat.

Adding regular circuit training classes into your usual workout will help to build muscle mass, increasing your metabolism and helping you to smash your weight loss goals.


The great thing about our Hull circuit class is that it's perfect for beginners and circuit training regulars alike. 

If you’re new to circuit training, feel free to go at your own pace during your first class. If you’re a seasoned circuit class goer, we’ll throw in plenty of extra challenges to push your fitness levels to the limits.

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Not only super fun, our Hull circuit training class offers plenty of perks...

Improved cardio fitness Become more agile Break through plateaus
Increased muscle strength Better quality of sleep Improved co-ordination
Better stamina A more toned physique More defined abs
Aid weight loss Improve breathing Increased metabolism
More energy Improve your mood Improve back pain

Our Circuit Class

If you're attending our circuit training class in Hull, you can expect the class to go a little like this...

Upper Body Circuit Exercises
Pull ups, push ups, shoulder press

Lower Body Circuit Exercises
Squats, lunges, step ups

Core Busting Circuit Exercises
Plank, bicycle kicks, crunches, sit-ups

Cardio Circuits
Shuttle runs, skipping, jumping jacks

Full Body Circuit Workouts
Burpees and bear crawls


Our more senior Hull members love our circuit training classes thanks to the variety of exercises which keep things interesting!

Whether you're eighteen or eighty, our circuit and HIIT classes are suitable for all ages. Customise your circuit workout to your own style and fitness levels.

If you suffer from low back pain or stiff joints, you can easily adapt the exercises to suit, by putting extra focus on the areas that are comfortable. 

Short of breath? Reduce your speed and tackle what you can in your own time!

Fitness Gets Functional

Our circuit training classes feature plenty of functional fitness.

Think, lifting, twisting, pushing, reaching... the many ways our body contorts itself in order to go about our day.

Functional training has become a popular choice of workout thanks to the bumper crop of benefits, over and above those of many traditional gym floor sessions.

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