BodyPump in Solihull

Our Les Mills BodyPump™ fitness class is a fast-paced, super toning barbell workout for anyone ready to inject some fun into their workout and a sleeker physique. 

Our BodyPump class at Village Gym Solihull combines a variety of different weights and plenty of reps at changing intensities to work the body hard and get you working up a sweat.

Ready to pump some weight to your favourite workout tracks? Let's BodyPump!


Ready For BodyPump, Solihull?

Les Mills BodyPump is designed with scientifically-proven moves to tone the body.

It's a sure fire way to build lean muscle mass, increasing your body's ability to effectively blast calories and keeping your metabolism burning. 

Throw in motivational Village Gym instructors and a pumping playlist, and your 55 minute BodyPump class will feel more like fun than fitness!

Book your BodyPump class via the app or view the class timetable at Village Gym Solihull.

Our BodyPump classes are led by qualified instructors, executed in the signature Les Mills fashion.

Working out to the latest dance music, you'll perform as many reps as you can handle, challening new muscles and pushing your body past it's limits.

Each music track will focus on a different muscle group. Using a selection of different weights, you'll target the quads and core with heavy lifting and the shoulders, calves and triceps with lighter weights.

You'll be tired afterwards, though you'll also be stronger... and leaner. 

Solihull Ladies LIFT!

Let's bust a myth here sisters of Solihull. Lifting weights will NOT bulk you up!

Our Solihull BodyPump class is designed to build muscle, and tone the body without leaving you look bulky or overly muscular.

Strong not skinny is the new look... it's finally fashionable to have a big butt and tight thighs. So, quash those concerns about getting hench, and get ready to sculpt a sleeker physique!

What Is The BodyPump 'Rep Effect'?

The 'rep effect' is a scientifically backed formula for toning the body through repetition and varying weights.

To get the rep effect, you'll complete 800 repetitions using eight specific areas of the body during your BodyPump class.

The additional muscle you build through regular BodyPump classes at our gym in Birmingham will help to increase your metabolism, and therefore your fat-burning potential.

Who Will Love BodyPump

Our Solihull BodyPump class is challenging, though it's a great starting point for members of all ages and fitness levels who want to give weight training a try. 

If you're keen to lose weight, tone up or maintain your weight loss results, our BodyPump class will help to boost that metabolism to keep the calories burning.

Cardio fans and HIIT lovers will love the high intensity of this class.


BodyPump Your Own Way

Make our Solihull BodyPump class work for you! The great thing about Les Mills BodyPump is that you can modify the workout to suit your own goals and comfort levels. 

Though don't get too comfy - it's all about pushing yourself to fatigue!

No matter what your fitness goal, or how much weight training you've done before, you'll get all the benefits of our BodyPump class, in a way that suits you.

What To Expect In Your First BodyPump Class

Amongst some of the latest fitness classes to emerge on the scene, BodyPump by Les Mills has been hailed one of the hottest ways to tone and tighten with scientifically-backed techniques.

We caught up with Group Exercise Manager, Holly at Village Gym Solihull on what to expect from your first Solihull Bodypump class.


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