Swindon Pilates classes

If sweating it out on the treadmill or working your way through an exhausting aerobics class isn't for you, you'll enjoy a much more gentle workout in our Swindon Pilates class.

Our popular Pilates class will help to tone the legs, thighs, glutes and abs, giving you a full body workout to improve posture and flexibility. 

It's fun with fellow members, great for relaxation thanks to the strategic breathing techniques we use, and will leave you feeling more energised, more positive and much more toned. 

Swindon Pilates

Pilates classes at Village Gym Swindon are a great way to maintain your fitness levels without the exhaustion. Suitable for all ages, fitness abilities and Pilates beginners, our Swindon members love this holistic fitness class. 

The moves you'll complete in our Pilates class are slow, gentle and easy on the body, making it a great fitness class for older adults and newcomers.

Pilates involves small movements designed to work key muscles such as the back, legs and core, to improve your strength, develop better muscle tone and perfect your posture. 

Who Will Love our Pilates class

Our Swindon Pilates class is popular amongst members of all ages and fitness levels. No experience is needed, so if you're a Pilates beginner, this is a great way to ease yourself into a new workout routine.

Many if our older members in Swindon enjoy Pilates for both toning and relaxation. It's also  ideal for pregnant women, post natal members or anyone recovering from injury. 

If you love to workout with a group, you'll enjoy the social aspect of our Pilates class with your fellow Swindon gym members. Plus, no doubt a sip on something chilled in the bar afterwards!

Pilates For Swindon's Office Deskers

If you work in Swindon and spend your days glued to your desk, it's likely your body could do with a good stretching!

Aches and pains caused by leaning over a computer all day long can make you tired, irritable and unable to concentrate. Ditch the energy-zapping air conditioned office and enjoy our Swindon Pilates class on your lunch break! 

Our Pilates class will help to stretch out tight muscles that have been hunched up over a desk all morning, and provide an energy boost to get you through the afternoon.

The Best Time To Do Pilates

Feel free to join in on a Pilates class in Swindon whenever suits you best. 

An early morning Pilates class can wake up the mind and body, helping you to feel alert for the day ahead. Morning workouts are also a great way to get the metabolism going, so great for weight loss.

Enjoy a Pilates class during your lunch break at Village Gym Swindon to get you moving and give your muscles a good stretch. Bring your colleagues and make it a team session for extra fun! 

If you suffer with sleeping difficulties, try our Swindon Pilates class in the evening to help you relax and unwind. You'll sleep better and for longer too.

Pilates For Seniors

It's no surprise that our more senior members in Swindon love a regular Pilates class.

The low impact, easy to follow movements will work the whole body, without leaving you sore. 

Pilates can be a great remedy for low back pain, making it a popular choice for those suffering from sciatica, osteoporosis or weak back muscles. 

By strengthening your core and improving your flexibility, you'll also find everyday tasks become much easier,  such as standing, sitting, carrying and bending down. 

Pilates For Weight Loss

Our Swindon Pilates class will help you to tone up as you achieve your weight loss results.  

The class is gentle, so won't blast calories on it's own, though if weight loss is your goal, add some cardio into your gym routine the day before or after your Pilates class.

Our Pilates class in Swindon can help your weight loss goals by building lean muscle which will help to keep your metabolism boosted. This will ensure you continue to burn more calories throughout the day. 

Pilates For Back Pain

We've got your back!

If you're suffering with back or neck pain, arthritis or pulled muscles our Swindon Pilates class is a great way to aid recovery. 

Our Pilates class, done regularly, will help to improve your flexibility and posture, taking pressure off the back, neck and shoulders to reduce pain.

We'll advise you on right movements to correct poor posture, helping you to walk without wincing and allow back injuries to recover.

Pilates For Stress

Pilates is one of the most popular fitness classes amongst members with stress-related tension, migraines and anxiety. 

Working out with your fellow Swindon members not only enables those feel-good vibes that come from being part of a community, but also helps you to feel more positive and less stressed. 

The hormones you'll produce during our Swindon Pilates class are natural stress relievers, plus the breathing techniques we'll teach you can be used any time, any where to help you to relax.  

Pilates With Pals

Enjoy our Swindon Pilates class with a friend. Not only does it make your workout way more fun, research has shown that exercising with a friend can improve your motivation, endurance and output.

So, if you’ve hitting a plateau, need a motivational boost or simply want to combine your social time with your sweat time, book a Pilates class at Village Gym Swindon with your bestie!


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