What Is BodyPump?

Les Mills BodyPumpis a fitness class made for anyone who loves a fun workout. 

Our Warrington BodyPump class will give you an intense cardio boost, whilst toning the biceps, triceps, back and abs.

Under the watch of our expert BodyPump instructor, you'll get to grips with a variety of different weights, with plenty of repetition at varying intensities for a great fat-burning workout.


Let's BodyPump!

Our BodyPump class in Warrington is popular, thanks to scientifically-proven techniques from fitness legends, Les Mills. After your BodyPump class, you'll continue to burn calories, making it a great class for weight loss and upper body toning. 

Working to a playlist of the best dance tracks, you'll lift, lunge, and pump your way to a sleeker physique. 

Book your Warrington BodyPump class via the app or view the class timetable online.


Our BodyPump class instructors in Warrington were taught the Les Mills way. So you can be assured that you're getting a safe, effective workout that will produce results! 

We'll turn up the volume and play all the latest motivational music, focussing on a different muscle group with each music track.

You'll lift heavier weights to strengthen muscle groups such as the quads and core, and lighter weight with lots of reps, to tone smaller muscles such as the triceps and calves.

BodyPump For Running Events

If you're planning to run the Cheshire Half Marathon, or the Warrington 5k Night Run, BodyPump is a great fitness class to include in your training plan.  

Weight training classes such as our Warrington BodyPump class will strengthen the leg muscles and improve flexibility in the knees, enabling you to run faster, without injury. 

The cardio benefits you'll get from our BodyPump class will also improve your breathing technique, allowing you to run for longer before feeling fatigued.

What Is The BodyPump 'Rep Effect'?

The 'rep effect' is a scientifically backed formula for toning the body through repetition and varying weights.

To get the rep effect, you'll complete 800 repetitions using eight specific areas of the body during your BodyPump class.

The additional muscle you build through regular BodyPump classes in Solihull will help to increase your metabolism, and therefore your fat-burning potential.

Who Will Love BodyPump

Our Warrington BodyPump class is suitable for all members no matter what age or fitness level. If you've never done a weight training class before, BodyPump is great way to get started.

If you're on a weight loss mission, our BodyPump class will help to increase your metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories, long after the class is over. 

Cardio fans will love the high energy of this class, and HIIT class lovers will love the fun, fast pace. 

Can Senior Do BodyPump?

Yep! Our Warrington BodyPump class has no age limits, and is a great way to improve posture, balance and strength.

Many of our more senior members in Warrington enjoy BodyPump as it has helped to reduce lower back pain, symptoms of arthritis and improve posture, making falls less likely.  

If you're joining our BodyPump class as a senior member, make the class work for you. Choose lighter weights if you need to, or perform a few reps without weights to ensure you're still working hard!

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