Les mills BodyPump Wirral

Our Les Mills BodyPump™ class is barbell workout designed to tone the upper body and core. 

Join our class at Village Gym Wirral, where you'll be led by an expert instructor, using a variety of weights, lots of repetition and varying intensities.

New to weight training? You'll love the fun, fast pace of our BodyPump class. 


Let's BodyPump!

Our BodyPump class on the Wirral is choreographed with scientifically-backed moves, led by motivational Village Gym instructors. 

We'll turn up the volume with a pumping playlist, and get repping for a fitter and more toned physique.

Book your BodyPump class via the app or view the class timetable at Village Gym Wirral.


Our Wirral BodyPump classes are led by qualified instructors, who were taught the Les Mills way! We'll stick on the latest dance music, and get you churning out plenty of reps to push your physical limits.

Each music track will feature a different muscle group, using various weights, heavier for large muscle groups (e.g. quads and core), lighter for small muscles (e.g. shoulders, triceps and calves).

Think, lots of reps until you can rep no more, to help you get stronger... and leaner. 


Let's bust a myth here. Lifting weights will not bulk you up!

In fact, many of our female Wirral members love our BodyPump class for it's toning benefits.

Strong not skinny is the Wirral look... it's finally fashionable to have tight glutes and strong thighs. So, quite those concerns about getting hench, and get ready to BodyPump your way towards a sleeker physique!

Who Will Love BodyPump

Our Wirral BodyPump class is ideal for all ages and fitness levels. If you've never lifted weights before, this class is a fun way to get started. 

If you're keen to lose weight, our BodyPump class will help to keep your metabolism high, enabling you to burn more caories throughout the day.

If you want to tone up, this class will tone your legs, arms and core. 

Cardio fans will love the high intensity of this class, and HIIT lovers will love the fast pace. 


BodyPump To Your Own Beat

Our Wirral BodyPump class is designed in such a way that you can adjust it to suit your goals and fitness levels. 

Weights too heavy? Lift lighter barbells and complete more reps. Not quite challenged enough? Add some extra weights to a point where you're comfortable, yet physically challenged. 

No matter your fitness level, or how much weight training you've done before, you'll get all the benefits of our Wirral BodyPump class, in a way that works for you.

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