Wirral Pilates classes

If pounding the treadmill or tackling an aerobics class isn't your idea of a great workout, you'll enjoy the gentle toning and strengthening benefits of our Wirral Pilates class.

This full body fitness class will help to tone the legs, thighs, glutes and abs, whilst also perfecting your posture and increasing flexibility. 

It's fun with friends, great for relaxation thanks to the breathing techniques we use, and will leave you feeling more focussed, with better concentration and a brighter outlook!

Wirral Pilates

The great thing about our Pilates classes at Village Gym Wirral is that they're suitable for all fitness levels. No matter whether you're just getting started or have done Pilates before, you'll enjoy this full body workout.

All of the Pilates movements we use are slow, gentle and easy on the body, making it a great exercise option for older adults and Pilates beginners. 

Our Wirral Pilates class is all about making small movements that work key muscles such as the back, legs and core, to add strength, develop better muscle tone and improve your posture. 

Who Will Love Pilates

Our Pilates class on the Wirral is suitable for all ages and requires no previous experience. So whether you're a Pilates beginner, an older member looking for a new way to keep fit, or a seasoned Pilates pro, this class will work for you.

Many Wirral members who suffer from lower back pain or osteoporosis love our pilates class, thanks to the gentle movements and low pressure on the joints. It's also ideal for pregnant women or anyone recovering from injury. 

If you love to workout as a group, you'll enjoy the social aspect of our Pilates class with your fellow Wirral gym members. Plus, a sip on something chilled in the bar afterwards!

Pilates For Wirral Workers

If you work on the Wirral and find yourself chained to a desk all day, your body could probably use a little stretching out!

Aches and pains caused by hunching over a computer all day long can bring on a little crankiness. 

Our Wirral Pilates class will help to stretch out those muscles that have been curled up over that paperwork all day, and give you an energy boost to help you focus much better.

The Best Time To Do Pilates

You can enjoy one of our Pilates classes in Bromborugh whenever works for you, though you may find the following workout windows helpful...

An early Pilates class will help you feel alert for the day ahead. Morning workouts are also a great way to get the metabolism going, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day.

Take a Pilates class during your lunch break at Village Gym Wirral to revive the nind and give your body a good stretch. Bring your colleagues and make it a team effort for extra fun! 

If you suffer from sleeping problems, try our Pilates class in the evening to help you relax and unwind. You'll sleep better and for longer too.

Pilates For Older Adults

It's no surprise that our more senior members on the Wirral love our Pilates classes.

It's low impact, easy to follow and offers a full body workout that won't leave you feeling burned out!

Pilates can be an effective treatment for low back pain, making it the top choice for older adults suffering from sciatica, osteoporosis or weak back muscles. 

By strengthening your core and improving balance, you'll also find everyday tasks become much easier,  such as reaching, carrying and bending to pick something up. 

Pilates For Weight Loss

Our Wirral Pilates class is a great way to tone the body and sculpt a sleeker physique.

If weight loss is your goal, add some cardio into your gym routine to maximise the results of your Pilates class.

Our Wirral Pilates class will complement your gym floor workouts, building lean muscle and helping to keep your metabolism high. This will ensure you burn more calories throughout the day. 

Is Pilates Good For Back Pain?

We've got your back!

If you're suffering with back or neck pain, arthritis or recovering from a back injury, our Wirral Pilates class is a great way to stay active and relieve tension. 

Our Pilates class will help to improve flexibility and properly align your spine, taking pressure off the back and helping to reduce pain.

Your Village Gym Wirral Pilates instructor will advise you on techniques to correct poor posture, helping you to walk without wincing and allow back injuries to recover.

Is Pilates Good For Stress Relief?

Yes. In fact, Wirral members say our Pilates is one of the best fitness classes for releasing tension and reducing anxiety.

Working out with others not only helps you to feel part of a community, but also helps you to feel more positive, motivated and less stressed. 

The feel-good hormones you produce during a group fitness class act as natural stress relievers, whilst the breathing techniques we use will help you to feel more calm and relaxed. 

You'll find you sleep better, think more clearly and have better concentration throughout the day. 

Pilates With Pals

Attending our Wirral Pilates class with a friend doesn’t only add a little more fun to your fitness regime, but research shows that working out with a buddy can improve your performance, endurance and long term results.

So, if you’re hitting a plateau, lacking in motivation or simply want to combine your social time with your sweat time, book a Pilates class at Village Gym Wirral with your bestie!


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