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Raise The Barre

The ballet-inspired barre workout trend has taken the fitness scene by storm and shows no sign of hanging up it's ballet shoes. The effectiveness and versatility of barre training make it a popular choice for people at all stages of their fitness journey. 

Whether you want to build your stamina or tone up, the barre workout is specifically designed to build core muscle strength, stamina and flexibility.

Ballet may not always be associated with hardcore workouts, but professional ballerinas retain a level of fitness, strength and flexibility to rival the most dedicated gym bunny.

Les Mills Barre is a globally renowned class that has become an international phenomenon. 

Exercise and building your fitness should be fun, engaging and accessible for everyone. The Les Mills Barre fitness class takes ballet-inspired exercises and transforms them into a fun and approachable 30-minute session that focuses on using your own bodyweight to build optimal fitness and flexibility.

Barre fitness isn’t about pirouettes or pliés. Yes, the barre system is crafted using balletic exercise techniques, but there’s no need for any previous dance experience to get stuck in to the regime - and Les Mills doesn’t bother with the ballet bar either!

While barre workouts have become somewhat of a fitness fashion, the Les Mills regime is much more than just a trend. Ballet and beauty go hand in hand; with the barre workout you can feel the beautiful burn that helps these incredible athletes stay lean and toned, as well as build core strength. Les Mills Barre has been carefully designed to help you develop the sculpted figure of a ballet dancer, from the comfort of your local Village Gym.

Benefits of a Barre Class

So, what are the benefits of a Les Mills’ Barre class?

It gets you ripped

When you exercise with LM Barre , you work out from head to toe, strengthening your thighs, buttocks, arms, stomach and back. Barre exercise tackles each muscle group separately and thoroughly, enabling you to access underused muscles and giving you a full body shred without the need for high intensity workouts.

It’s easy on the joints

Barre exercise is light and puts less pressure on your joints than more vigorous forms of exercise. Barre exercises tackle muscle but don’t put excessive strain on joints, so can be used in physical therapy as well as part of your fitness regime.

It’s easily modified

Barre exercises can be adjusted to suit your abilities and physical situation. It can be modified if you’re recovering from surgery or a sports injury, and it is a popular choice for pregnant women and is great way to get back strength and flexibility after giving birth.

No experience necessary

No need to be intimidated by the ballerina element of barre exercises. You don’t need to have any experience in dance or consider yourself a particular flexible person to start LM Barre exercises. The beauty of the regime is it is highly accessible to people of all fitness levels - all you need is some comfortable gym wear and a positive attitude!

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