Abs Exercises

Build strength in your core by training the muscles within your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen. Working these muscles in harmony will stabilise your balance, improve your posture and allow you to perform exercises more effectively. 

Up the intensity of your gym workouts with a fiery ab routine to define those lines and gain that lean physique that you are chasing. 

Sculpt your mid drift. Crunch your core. Carve that stomach. We’ve put together our favourite ab exercises for you to try! 

Leg Day Exercises

Legs. Legs. Legs. Target your glutes, hammies (hamstrings) and quads with a variety of exercises designed to strengthen your lower body. Focusing on strengthening your legs will result in your lower body being more strong and powerful! 

Plus, the more muscle and definition you have, the more fat you will shred and burn. The infamous saying is ‘never miss leg day’ and we couldn’t agree more. 

Leg day is our favourite day and we’ve designed a killer programme of exercises that will make your legs ache and shake.

Arms & Shoulders

Target and tone your upper body with a variety of arm exercises which are designed to hit your shoulders, triceps and biceps. 

Turn up the heat in the gym, feel the burn from your biceps to your deltoids, see your strength skyrocket, your heart rate race and the fat shed off, when you focus on your upper body. 

We’ve put together arm and shoulder exercises to help you get results!

Back Exercises

Give your back some attention. Work on those back gains to help improve your whole upper body strength by targeting your lats, traps and rhomboids. 

Focusing on your back muscles will help you strengthen all your big lifts, fix your posture, reduce risk of injury and minimise lower back pain - as long as you’ve got the right form. 

Do you want a more defined, bigger, stronger back? Add in our favourite back exercises and pump up those muscles.

Chest Exercises

Focus on your chest to build a powerful and chiselled upper body. For definition on your pecs, you’ll need to dedicate time to hit every angle of your chest. Focus on the reps. Focus on the tempo. Focus on the weight. Mix up your chest day, it doesn’t always have to be the bench press! 

Ladies, chest days will not make you bulky, don’t neglect your chest, you’ll benefit from overall muscle definition and your upper body will be stronger than ever.  

We’ve created a list of chest exercise variations for you to add to your chest day, ideal for all lifters!


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