When it comes to holistic fitness and slick strength building classes, Les Mills are the leaders in creating legendary workouts to take your fitness to the next level. 

So we're delighted that a number of our clubs have been hand-picked to run their Limited Edition classes.  Throw some Shapes with holistically-focussed yoga and pilates workouts. Or get those strength goals nailed with Strength Development + Functional Strength.


From beginners to full Yoga pros, our new class Shapes by Les Mills is set to tone you up, your trim you down & cleanse your soul.

This blend of Power Yoga, Barre and Pilates is a low-impact fitness class, designed to strengthen all your major muscle groups. Set to modern house beats, a Shapes session is sure to leave you feeling super zen. 


Whether you're a weight-lifting newbie, or a truly seasoned pro, Les Mills is the perfect addition to your muscle gaining journey.

This 45-minute workout is designed to build muscle, improve strength and heighten confidence with weight-lifting.


Get stuck into Functional Strength! Train your body for everyday tasks, sports, and epic adventures. 

The goal is simple: improve your functional movements and boost your overall fitness.

Let’s get moving and make every day stronger and more fun!


Tackle a hard-hitting and highly motivational 45 minute class centered around lifting, overload and quality failure to sculpt a strong, muscular physique.

Fine tune the moves, grasp the principles and push physical limits, with added nutritional advice for stronger gains.


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