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Our team of highly qualified Personal Trainers at Village Gym Coventry have all the knowledge and experience to help our Coventry members become stronger, fitter, healthier and more confident.

We just need to know about your goals, what you love and hate, then we’ll create a tailored exercise plan to suit your lifestyle, body shape and fitness level.


Trying to shed some extra fat? Our Personal Trainers will create a weight loss focused plan for you to trim down and sink your teeth into.

Do you like strength training? We’ll create a programme that targets all muscle groups to allow you to tone and build muscle.

Our trainers will support you through every session, push you on and be there when you feel like giving up!


Our Coventry Personal Trainers have helped the masses when it comes to reaching weight loss goals. Your goal is our goal!

We’ll take a look at your current fitness, diet and lifestyle and then together, we’ll find out what really hypes you up in the gym. We’ve got your back on this weight loss journey. All we ask is you follow our devised programme to torch that stubborn fat.

Over 55s Personal Trainers

Our Coventry fitness fanatics know there is no age limit when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Our trainers will create a programme that makes everyday life that little bit easier.

Older Coventry members have found that personal training helps with their agonising back pain, stiff joints, sleeping patterns and their osteoporosis.


To us, a good Personal Trainer is approachable, experienced, uncomplicated and motivated.

They are the experts, though you should still want to speak to them like a friend.

Whilst working with your PT in Coventry, you’ll have their full attention. They don’t cut corners. They will guide, advise, correct and motivate you.

Choose a trainer that makes you want to be better!

How Often Should I See My PT?

This depends on you, everyone is different. The majority of our Coventry clients meet their trainers every week, maybe even twice or three times a week.

If it’s motivation you lack, you may want to think about meeting your trainer more than once for that extra bit of support. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable and confident putting the programme into practice, once a week might be just right for you.



Personal Training Success Stories...

Personal Trainers at Village Gym Coventry

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