"I Feel More Energised"

Village Gym Watford member, Smita joined the club a year ago, and hoped that regular exercise would motivate her to improve her overall well-being. Overtime, her motivation started to dwindle and so she enlisted the support of our personal training team to get her back on track.

"At first I attended several fitness classes, however over the course of time, my visits became less frequent as my motivation slowly declined. After living 20 years abroad, settling back in the UK was a difficult challenge and as the months went by, I saw myself slipping into depression. After months of depression, I had an epiphany and from then on I decided to change my current lifestyle, as going on medication was not the answer I sought.

Back in May, my health & wellbeing appointment struck me as a major wake up call, seeing I had put on weight and was feeling down at my lowest point. I needed someone to push and motivate me to get up in the morning and help get my life back on track.

I signed up for 15 private sessions with gym instructor Marius, which turned out to be the greatest decision I have ever made. During the consultation, he pointed out and understood my health & wellbeing concerns and a long with the training he gave me advice on my diet, explaining the types of food I should eat and what to avoid. From then on, the progress has been slow, however I believe I have come a long way in the past 10 weeks since my depressive state.

When I get up in the morning, I feel more energised and feel physically and mentally charged. Now, it's not any effort at all coming to the gym, as I see the training sessions as one of the biggest highlights of my week. Never in my life would I think I would say this, but exercising and keeping up with a regular routine has become a crucial part of my life.

My friends and family have noticed a great change in me too, which goes to show how much work I've invested in myself. I'd like to personally thank Marius for sticking with me and pushing me back on track.’

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