The Personal Training team at Village Gym Edinburgh are highly qualified in training techniques, nutrition and measuring performance, to ensure that you achieve your fitness goal, and enjoy getting there!

We'll get to know what you hope to achieve, what you love and loathe, then put together a bespoke training plan to suit your style and schedule.



Our Edinburgh Personal Trainers can support you with...

Weight Loss 
Toning and definition
Competition training
Maximising your time in the gym
Nutritional Guidance
Strength and conditioning
Exercise during pregnancy
Exercise for older adults
Endurance training
Recovery after injury
Preparation for sporting events

Personal Trainers For Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most popular reasons our Edinburgh members enlist the support of a Personal Trainer. We'll work with you to assess your diet and lifestyle, then put together a healthy eating plan you'll still find delicious and an exercise programme you'll enjoy sticking to.

We'll assess your progress over time, to ensure we're maximising opportunities for you to achieve your weight loss goal and keep you motivated along the way!

Personal Training During Pregnancy

Exercising whilst pregnant requires a little extra care. Our Personal Trainers will work with you and your bump to maintain your fitness levels safely and effectively.

We'll advise on which bits of kit to use and how to use them, plus adapt your exercise plan as your pregnancy progresses.

Couples Personal Training

If you've made a pact with your partner, enjoy a little training for two!

We'll train you and your other half together, allowing you to motivate each other towards your individual goals and share the expertise of your Personal Trainer. 

A great option for soon-to-be wedded couples, besties on a weight loss mission or friends training for running events or challenges. 

Personal Trainers For Older Adults

Our Edinburgh members over a certain age enlist the help of our Personal Trainers in order to maintain an active lifestyle.

You may be new to the gym and keen to establish a safe and effective training plan, or you may have a specific goal in mind. Our Personal Trainers have specialist training to ensure older members enjoy an exercise plan suitable for their fitness levels.

Great for members suffering from low back pain, stiff joints or illnesses that can be relieved with gentle exercise. 

Personal Trainers For Competitive Events

Whether you've signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon, or are preparing for your first Tough Mudder, our Personal Trainers will help you prepare for a competition or endurance event.

We'll create an exercise plan that targets the key areas you'll need to strengthen before your sporting challenge, plus work on improving your cardio fitness to ensure you stay the distance!

The Benefits of Personal Training

A better understanding of what your body needs to function
Expert advice on nutrition and correct exercise technique
Reduced risk of injury
Increased motivation towards your fitness goals
Regular monitoring and assessment of your performance
Better use of your time in the gym
In-depth assessment of your body fat and fitness levels
Guidance on how to effectively use gym equipment

Is Getting A Personal Trainer Worth It?

Yes! Just ask our Edinburgh members who have achieved numerous fitness goals with their Personal Trainer. 

If you lack motivation or knowledge of how to improve your fitness, Personal Training is extremely worth the investment. You wouldn't try to change your own car battery without expert guidance... the same applies to your body!

Understanding how to get it performing to it's absolute best takes a little expert tuition. The results you'll achieve are priceless.

How Often Should I See My PT?

Most of our Edinburgh Personal Training clients meet with their Personal Trainer weekly, to ensure they are on track and using their exercise plan correctly.

It's all dependant on how much you need to see your trainer. If you lack motivation, you may feel that you require more support. If you prefer to train with them more sporadically, that's fine too.

Each Personal Training session lasts for an hour, giving you plenty of time to maximise your gym time.

Choosing a Personal Trainer

It can be tough to find the right personal trainer who works in a way that suits your needs but we have a good idea of what you should look for!

Find out what you should consider when choosing a personal trainer.


Your personal trainer will keep a record of all of your details and measurements in order to track your progress.

For goals such as weight loss or body composition changes, expect to see results with your personal trainer within around 6 weeks.

For sport specific goals, we'll record your personal training progress weekly, so you'll notice a change week on week.  


If you've never worked with one of our personal trainers in Edinburgh, fear not, you're in safe hands!

We'll provide one to one support all the way. The fitness plan we outline will be easy to follow, realistic for your fitness levels and based on what you want to achieve.

We'll assess your fitness levels during your first session to ensure that your workout plan works for you. 

We'll also tailor your gym sessions based on how you're feeling that day... so just let us know! 

Personal Training Success Stories...

"I'm Back To My Pre-Pregnancy Weight"

I believe it has been the biggest investment of my life.

"I Lost Over 4 Stone"

 I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been, and think I have used every bit of equipment in the gym now!

"I Feel More Energised"

When I get up in the morning, I feel more energised and feel physically and mentally charged. 

"I Lost 11 Stone & 17% Body Fat"

My overall fitness and strength has improved so much within the year, I am now able to do exercises that I once couldn’t do.

Personal Training at Village Gym Edinburgh

If you are looking for expert guidance from one of our Edinburgh Personal Trainers, you are in the right place. Reap the benefits of improving your fitness levels whilst working to a personalised plan just for you.

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Personal Trainer Craig Haggart specialises in sport specific and cardiovascular training.


• HNC Fitness, Health & Exercise
• YMCA Personal Training L3
• YMCA Fitness Instructor L3


• Cardiovascular & Resistance Training
• Sport Specific Training
• Kettlebell Training Plans
• High Intensity, circuit-based workouts

"A little progress each day adds up to the results you are looking for"



Personal Trainer Aneta Jozefowiz specialises in weight loss and resistance training.


• Level 3 in Personal Training
• Level 3 in Anatomy & Physiology
• Level 3 in Nutrition 


• Fat Loss & Body Shaping
• Cardiovascular & Resistance Training
• Training Design & Program Splits
• Weight Management & Lifestyle Changes

"A goal is a dream with a deadline. I'm here to help you achieve that!"



Personal Trainer Justin Grevatt specialises in fat loss and muscle gain.


• Level 3 in Nutrition
• Level 3 in Anatomy & Physiology
• Physical Training Instructor


• Fat Loss 
• Muscle Gain & Conditioning
• Boxing & Bootcamp

"Use precise physiology and style, but add strength, power and unity to help you achieve your goals"



Personal Trainer Nelson Morais specialises in strength, HIIT and circuit training.


• Level 3 in Nutrition
• Level 3 in Personal Training 
• Level 3 in Anatomy & Physiology


• Sport Specific Exercise Planning
• Functional Movement
• Circuit & HIIT Training
• Strength Training

"Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going"



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