Your Personal Training team at Village Gym Hull are ready to help you plan your fitness journey. Expertly qualified and super friendly, they'll create a fun, realistic exercise plan based on your fitness goals.

Through regular monitoring and assessment, they'll ensure you're on track to achieving results within a realistic timeframe.

Trying to lose weight? Speak to us about a strategic nutritional plan to help you adopt a healthier diet.

Preparing for an event? Let's get you ready to perform to your absolute best!



Our Personal Trainers in Hull can help you with...

Losing weight
Toning and improving muscle definition
Preparing for sporting events
Making the most of your time in the gym
Maintaining a healthy diet plan 
Strength and conditioning
Keeping fit during pregnancy
Exercise plans for older adults
Endurance training
Getting back into exercise after injury
Preparation for a marathon, triathlon or athletic event

Personal Trainers To Lose Weight

Our Hull Personal Trainers have helped thousands of members achieve thousands of lbs of weight loss.

We'll start by delving into your current fitness levels, diet and lifestyle then take some time to find out what gets you motivated. Your personal trainer will compile a healthy eating plan, combined with an effective exercise programme to help burn calories and torch excess body fat. 

As you continue to get fitter and stronger, we'll adapt your fitness plan to ensure the results keep coming. 

Personal Training During Pregnancy

Many of our Hull members love to maintain their fitness regime throughout pregnancy. Speak to our Personal Trainers about creating a fitness plan that is safe for you (and your bump!), taking into account any aches and pains you may be experiencing, and how best to prepare your body for childbirth.

We'll check that any exercises you perform and done safely and effectively, educate you on appropriate gym equipment to use and adapt your exercise plan as your pregnancy progresses to ensure you're comfortable, and still achieving results.

Couples Personal Training Sessions

A couple that works out together, stays together!

Whether you're on a joint fitness quest, about to tie the knot or preparing for a sporting challenge with your bestie, our Personal Trainers in Hull will work with the two of you together, allowing you to motivate each other, whilst under the watchful eye of their expertise. 

Your session will be split into both joint and individual exercises to ensure each of you maximise opportunities to achieve your fitness goals. 

Personal Trainers For Seniors

Our senior members in Hull enjoy regular Personal Training sessions in order to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle and perform day-to-day activities with ease.

As we age, our ability to reach, bend, twist and grip becomes more limited, affecting everyday tasks such as carrying the shopping or picking up heavy items.  

We'll create an exercise plan suitable for your fitness levels, taking into account any health problems such as lower back pain or stiff joints to ensure you're comfortable, yet on the road to becoming stronger. 

Senior members in Hull have found that Personal Training has helped to relieve issues such as slow digestion, joint pain, asthma, osteoporosis, back pain and sleeping difficulties.

Personal Trainers For Runners

Whether you've enlisted yourself for the Hull Marathon, this year's Race For Life or a Tough Mudder challenge, our Personal Trainers in Hull will help you prepare for a marathon, triathlon or mud-covered event!

We'll create an exercise plan based on the running event you'll be completing, ensuring we strengthen the key leg muscles required to propel you to the finish line.

We'll assess your running technique and correct your form, which will help to reduce pain and improve posture.

We'll also work on your cardio fitness to ensure your endurance is top notch.

What Will I Get From A Personal Training Session?

During a session with your Personal Training in Hull, you will enjoy... 

Expert advice on what to eat, plus a nutritional guide 
A bespoke exercise plan you actually get excited about
Correction of any exercise technique to reduce the risk of injury
Loads of motivation to help you achieve your goals
Regular monitoring and assessment of your performance
Creative ways to make use of your time in the gym
Ongoing assessment of your weight, body fat and fitness levels
Guidance on how to effectively use gym equipment

Personal Trainers For Groups

Maximise that lunch hour with a Personal Training session amongst your colleagues.

Or gather your besties and get yourselves in top form for that charity event.

Whatever your fitness goals, it's always more fun getting there with friends. Our Personal trainers in Hull will work with small groups, allowing you to enjoy a group workout, whilst achieving your own personal goals. 

Many local business in Hull love to keep their team in top shape with lunchtime group personal training sessions. As well as Mum groups who love to hit the gym during the quieter daytime hours.  

Choosing a Personal Trainer in Hull

When choosing a Personal Trainer in Hull, you'll find plenty that will offer what you're looking for. Though, you'll want to ensure that you're getting the best quality of service. After all, you need your body to be in safe hands!

You wouldn't service your car at a cheap, unknown garage. So why do the same with your health?

Read our tips on things to consider when choosing your Hull Personal Trainer...

What Can I Ask My Personal Trainer?

Anything you like!

From tips to technique, when to work out or what to wear... ask away! There are no right or wrong questions to ask your Personal Trainer. Our Hull Personal Trainers are a friendly bunch!

"We're human too. So feel free to chat with us about normal things... we don’t all just talk about fitness constantly." (Village Gym Hull Personal Trainer)

What Makes A Great Personal Trainer?

A good Personal Trainer is approachable, engaging and motivational.

They are experts in their field, though you can chat to them like a friend. 

Whilst working with your Personal Trainer in Hull, you'll have their full attention. They don't cut corners or simply watch you work out. They will guide, advise and measure.

They also make fitness fun! Take a look at other members working with Personal Trainers at Village Gym Hull... if they look like they're enjoying their workout, their Personal Trainer knows their stuff!


Personal Training Success Stories...

"I'm Back To My Pre-Pregnancy Weight"

I believe it has been the biggest investment of my life.

"I Lost Over 4 Stone"

 I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been, and think I have used every bit of equipment in the gym now!

"I Feel More Energised"

When I get up in the morning, I feel more energised and feel physically and mentally charged. 

"I Lost 11 Stone & 17% Body Fat"

My overall fitness and strength has improved so much within the year, I am now able to do exercises that I once couldn’t do.

Personal Trainers at Village Gym Hull

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Our fully trained instructors will help you achieve your fitness goals faster. Join our gym in Hessle, Hull and enjoy a number of exclusive member benefits, plus these cutting-edge facilities... 


Workout with the latest, state-of-the-art cardio and resistance equipment as well as spacious free weight and stretching areas, and expert Personal Trainers at our gym in Hull.

Swimming Pool

Our 25m heated pool is the perfect place to cool down after a hard workout. Alternatively, chill out in the spa pool or steam room.


Whatever your fitness goal, Village Gym Hull has a group fitness class for you. Try your hand at a dance-focussed class like Sh’Bam, or strengthen and tone with Pilates or Body Balance.

Group Cycling

With a fully equipped spin studio, Village Gym Hull provides the perfect setting for your instructor-led Les Mills RPM class or MyRide Virtual spinning class. 



Take advantage of the amazing selection of state-of-the-art Technogym cardio and resistance machines available at our gym in Hull to boost your workout to the next level.

Our Social Scene

Rather than rush home after your workout, enjoy a well-earned wind down in the Village Pub, grab a light bite in the restaurant or catch up over coffee in Starbucks. The perfect way to enjoy our Hull member's social scene.

Member Benefits

Being a Village Gym member gives you great discounts on food and drink as well as reduced room rates and access to high street discounts through our exclusive member benefits programme.


Personal Trainer Katie Clark specialises in strength training and toning.


• Level 3 in Personal Training
• Level 2 Fitness Coach
• Level 2 Sports Massage
• Level 2 Gymnastics Coach


• Strength Training & Toning
• Injury Rehabilitation
• Cardiovascular Fitness

"Ready to get your fitness journey started"



Personal Trainer Ryan Brentville specialises in weight loss and nutrition.


• BSc (Hons) in Sports & Exercise Science
• Level 3 Sports Massage
• Level 2 Fitness Instructing
• Level 1 Football Coaching


• Circuits & HIIT Workouts
• Sport Related Fitness (Pre & Post Season)
• Toning & Defining Body Shape

"Ready to start your fitness journey"



Personal Trainer Elliot Graham specialises in muscle building and body fat loss.


• Level 3 in Personal Training
• Level 2 Circuits Instructor
• Asc Sports Coaching & Performance


• Muscle Building
• Body Fat Loss
• Body Transformations
• Sports Performance

"Ready to start your fitness journey"



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