Leeds Personal Trainers

The Personal Training team across our Leeds gyms are experts in technique, nutrition, measuring performance and motivating our members to stay on track, progress and enjoy the journey!

All we need to know is what you hope to achieve, what you loathe and love, then we’ll get to work by creating you a unique training plan to suit your gym style, ability and schedule.


Our Personal Trainers in Leeds can help you with...

Weight loss
Toning and definition
Competition training and preparation
Maximising your gym output
Nutritional advice
Strength and conditioning
Exercising whilst pregnant safely
Training as a senior
Endurance training
Injury recovery

Personal Trainers For Weight Loss

Weight loss is the number 1 reason our Leeds members enlist a Personal Trainer. It’s time to start fresh, work together and devise a killer plan. But first, let’s assess your diet, lifestyle and current fitness level, then put together a fulfilling nutrition plan that will keep you fueled for your workouts!

We know the process can be grueling but it’s worth it, trust us. 

Postnatal Personal Trainers

We know you mama's to be want to stay fighting fit for your little one and we want to keep you safe while training. Our trainers in Leeds will work side-by-side with you and your bump to maintain your fitness levels safely and effectively.

We’ll tell you the best equipment to use and how to use them, plus adapt your exercise routine as you get further along in your pregnancy. We’ve got both of your best interests at heart.

Personal Training For Seniors

Our senior members in Leeds love exercising as much as everyone else and enjoy a good training session in order to stay active, healthy and perform day-to-day activities with ease.

As we age, our ability to stretch, bend, twist and grip begins to loosen, affecting everyday life when carrying bags or moving heavy items.

Our seniors in Leeds found that Personal Training has helped with joint pains, back pain, sleeping issues and osteoporosis.

Choosing a Personal Trainer in Leeds

It’s tough to find the right personal trainer who ticks all your boxes but we have a pretty good idea of what you should be looking out for!

Our Personal Trainers have different personalities, goals and specialties but, they all have one thing in common, bettering their clients!

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing your personal trainer.


That comes down to the individual and how determined you are to reach your goals. We’d encourage you to ask our fitness community, your fellow members and ask about their personal training experiences.

Never forget, Personal Training is an investment into your future self, the best version of you. You can’t buy motivation if you’re lacking it, or knowledge and structure, and that’s where our trainers come in.


Your Personal Trainer will keep a record of all your details, measurements and fitness abilities in order to track your progress effectively.

For weight loss goals or body composition changes, we’d expect our clients to see training results around the 6 week mark.

For sport specific goals, we’ll record your personal training progress weekly, so you’ll notice changes week by week as we steadily push you out your comfort zones.

Our gyms in Leeds

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Personal Training Success Stories...

"I'm Back To My Pre-Pregnancy Weight"

I believe it has been the biggest investment of my life.

"I Lost Over 4 Stone"

 I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been, and think I have used every bit of equipment in the gym now!

"I Feel More Energised"

When I get up in the morning, I feel more energised and feel physically and mentally charged. 

"I Lost 11 Stone & 17% Body Fat"

My overall fitness and strength has improved so much within the year, I am now able to do exercises that I once couldn’t do.

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