The team of Village Gym personal trainers in Watford, London can provide all forms of workout programs,  advice and support to help you reach your goals. With each being highly qualified and experienced, you can be sure that you will be given the very best opportunity to help you achieve any targets you may have, or even if you just want to feel a little better and improve your overall mobility.

Before we start, we’ll sit down with you to try and find out what you like and don’t like and then put together a custom fitness program that suits your fitness levels and physique.

Benefits of Personal Training

As well as helping you to stay accountable for any targets or goals that you have set, a personal trainer can...


Offer motivation and support when you know that you’re struggling 

Teach you proper form to avoid injuries

Educate you and answer any fitness questions you may have

Offer nutritional advice

Provide variety in your workouts

Spot any weaknesses in your existing programs or your approach to working out

What should I expect from my first personal training session?

At your first personal training session with our personal trainers in Watford, London we’ll spend some time assessing your current strength, power, endurance levels as well as your lifestyle to help with the creation of your personalised programme. 

We’ll be looking to find out if you have any specific fitness goals and when you want to achieve them, whilst finding out how much time you have for your training. 

Your PT will give you as much info as possible on your upcoming sessions and of course we encourage any questions you may have throughout which may help to achieve your goals or targets. 

Groups or Couples Personal Training

Looking to add a social or competitive element to your personal training sessions? Or perhaps just want a friend to help you through it? For some, having a loved one with them during the sessions helps improve the chances of them showing up and sometimes even helps to increase the amount of calories burned during those sessions (some studies show that it can increase calories burned by up to 25%).

These fun, social sessions can be with anyone including your work colleagues, friends, family members or life partners. You’ll find out what we recommend as the best gym equipment to use to achieve your goals, how to use the equipment and how to safely spot each other so you can go that little heavier on the weights if you like.

Is personal training a good way to lose weight?

Probably an obvious answer, but yes, definitely! Our personal trainers in Watford, London have extensive experience of helping our members with trimming up and shedding those unwanted pounds. 

Our workout and nutrition plans will be created to keep you as motivated as possible. You’ve probably already heard, ‘consistency is key’. It’s not just a case of only eating salad for a week or working out every day (although that would help). We’ll program in those exercises and foods that you don’t hate - to give your goals the best possible chance of being achieved.

Sports Specific Personal Training

If you’ve got a specific sporting goal that you want to achieve, like a marathon, triathlon or even a target vertical jump then we can help. Our team has a wide variety of experience and expertise, and based on the target we’ll set you up with the most appropriate personal trainer to help you every step of the way.

No matter how obscure you may think the goal is, please get in touch. We’ve heard them all. 

Personal Training Success Stories...

"I'm Back To My Pre-Pregnancy Weight"

I believe it has been the biggest investment of my life.

"I Lost Over 4 Stone"

 I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been, and think I have used every bit of equipment in the gym now!

"I Feel More Energised"

When I get up in the morning, I feel more energised and feel physically and mentally charged. 

"I Lost 11 Stone & 17% Body Fat"

My overall fitness and strength has improved so much within the year, I am now able to do exercises that I once couldn’t do.

Personal Trainers at Village Gym Watford

If you are looking for expert guidance from one of our Watford Personal Trainers, you are in the right place. Reap the benefits of improving your fitness levels whilst working to a personalised plan just for you.

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