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Baby Swimtime

Swimtime Swimbabies classes help your little one to feel fully at ease whilst they gets to grips with taking a dip.

Perfect for under fours, it’s a great class for some bonding time with baby, as well as other parents. Many of our members plan their swimming sessions with others for a little social time whilst they swim.

Toddlers In Training

Swimtots classes are great for kids aged 2 to 4. Focussed on learning through play, your little ones will be introduced to swimming strokes whilst enjoying the feeling of the water and playing games to bring out their confidence. You’ll be in the water with them too, for plenty of parent/toddler fun!

What to pack for your baby swimming lessons.

Swimming Lessons For Kids

Lessons For Kids

Swimming lessons for kids are available, based on experience and ability. From beginners getting to grips with wearing armbands, to improver classes for kids keen to work on their swimming badges, we even have a master class for swimmers keen to push their own boundaries, covering survival and rescue skills. Get your little one in the water with Swimtime lessons for kids!

Swimming Lessons For Adults

Swimming lessons aren’t just for the little people. Adult swimming lessons are a great way to work on your own technique, improve your stroke or incorporate swimming into your overall fitness plan.

Just getting started? Learn the basics in the shallow water to build your confidence in the pool.

Already mastered it? Grab a coach and learn breathing techniques to help you maximise your swim workouts and improve stamina in the water. 



The Benefits of Swimming

Swimming provides a killer cardio workout and is a great way to tone the legs, arms and core. Low impact, thanks to the buoyancy in water, it's non-weight bearing, making it perfect for older members or those with stiff joints. 

A good swim brings on a brain boost too. Just 30 minutes of pool time three times a week can improve sleep patterns, lower stress levels and significantly reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Your First Swimming Lesson

Your first adult swimming lesson will cover: 

Getting in: The hardest part! We'll introduce you to the water and get you feeling comfortable in the pool
Movement: Getting used to the buoyancy and gradually walking your way through the water to deeper depths.
Ducking: Learning to put your face underwater and breathing techniques
Floating: Mastering the float is key for when your arms and legs tire from swimming
Strokes: The various arm movements and the best techniques to use





The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to learn. You’re in very safe hands with our experienced instructors and you won’t be pushed any further than you feel comfortable.


Communication is key.  Tell your instructor if there’s anything you don’t feel comfortable with, so that you can take things at your own pace.


When you're not in the pool, you can still practice your breathing techniques on dry land.  Try controlled breathing whilst running or walking. This will help you to get used to the idea of keeping your breathing steady and controlled while your body's main focus is on something else.


Grab a quality pair of goggles, a nose clip and ear plugs to help you feel more confident during your first few swimming lessons. 

Take a water bottle and towel with you, to ensure you stay hydrated during your swimming sessions and can dry off quickly once you get out. 

Advanced Swimming Lessons & Classes

It's not just about learning how to swim, it's about learning how to swim well.

Push yourself further with swimming lessons to improve your stamina, breathing technique or to create a training plan for swimming competitions. Advanced swimming lessons will help you to get the most of of your swimming workouts and understand how best to move your body to gain results. 




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