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What To Pack For Baby Swimming Lessons

Introducing your little ones to the pool at an early age will build their confidence in the water and give them a head start in grasping the basics of swimming. But what do you need to pack for your baby's swimming lessons?

Our Baby Swimtime classes are for you as well as your child. This helps your little one to feel fully at ease whilst they get to grips with taking a dip.

Bringing them swimming for the first time is a special experience that you’ll likely cherish for years to come. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your baby and is also a brilliant way to meet other parents with children of a similar age. The specialist instructors running our Baby Swimtime sessions also make sure they are a lot of fun!

But as all new parents know, taking a baby out anywhere can be stressful at the best of times, with a long list of items needed to keep them happy and entertained throughout the day.

To make sure your experience is as stress free as possible, we’ve put together a list of items to pack for baby swimming lessons…

Swimming Nappies
Be sure to pack some swimming nappies to keep your baby and other pool users clean and protected whilst enjoying time in the water. You can pick up disposable packs from most supermarkets or find lots of reusable options online.

Remember to bring some normal nappies for when it’s time to get them changed.

Swimming costume
Although our pools are heated, it may still be a good idea to kit your little one out with a wetsuit to keep them extra toasty whilst they gain their confidence.

Hooded Towel
Getting your baby a hooded towel is a quick and easy way to keep them warm and comfortable and let them dry off when it’s time to get out of the pool.

Change of clothes
Take warm clothes to help baby keep snug after a swim and include a few spare items just in case. A hat is also a good idea in winter as babies lose heat through their heads.

After all that splashing about in the pool, your baby is likely to have worked up an appetite so bring a snack for them, such as a banana or yoghurt. You can then treat yourself to a drink from Starbucks or something delicious from the Pub & Grill.

Don’t forget to pack for yourself!
Be sure to bring your own swimming attire, towel and toiletries to freshen up in our spacious changing rooms.

We hope you liked our list of what to pack for baby swimming lessons. Our 'Ducks to water post' has all the information on the latest baby swimming lessons at village Gym


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