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Start Date: 1st September 2021
End date: 31st October 2021

Offer is available at all Village Gym Club locations excluding Bracknell.

This offer is available in club and online and is the only referral offer whereby both the member referring, and the friend being referred to Village Gym, can both claim a free gift (which can vary during different promotional periods).

The new member joining as part of this online-only offer, must specifically reference at point of joining the referee so they and their friend qualify for the gift. This cannot be done after the point of joining.

If the new member cancels their membership within 10 days or defaults with their initial monthly payment the member who referred them will no longer qualify for the free gift.

Members (16yrs+) are eligible to recommend a friend on this promotion.

Club Management’s decision is final when deciding to issue or grant a referral gift.

Gifts which are lost or stolen cannot be replaced.

Referrer Rewards
The referrer (existing member) is offered a £10 gift card for each friend who joins as a Village Gym member for the first time and, once 60 days of the friends new membership has passed.

This offer can be claimed up to 3 months from the date of the offer being sent by the referrer.

In order to share this offer the referrer must be over the age of 16. Rewards will be cumulative and so if multiple qualifying referrals are made to Village Gym, multiple rewards will be delivered to the referrer - there is no limit on how many friends a member can refer through this exclusive online reward scheme.

Should an existing member refer a friend via our online-only promotion, they will be sent an email to claim a £10 gift card of their choice (Amazon, M&S, or Deliveroo) within/up to 60 days after the referred friend joins as a member.

The Referrer will be notified by email once a referred friend has joined and when the reward has been validated (which is 60 days after the referred friend has become a member and not defaulted on their first monthly payment).

Village Gym reserves the right to refuse the issue of any reward to any Referred Friend or Referrer at any time.

Village Gym reserves the right to vary any and all elements of this offer at any time without notice.

Referred Friend Rewards
The Referred friend is offered a free gift card when they join online as a new member, providing they do not cancel their membership within the 10 day cooling off period.

Any rewards will be revoked if the new member (who was referred) decides to freeze their membership within 1 month of joining as a new member, or defaults on their first month's membership fee.

The Referred friend reward cannot be claimed by the same person making the referral.

Referred friend rewards cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

Referred friend can sign up in club rather than online through the Village Gym website - they simply need to confirm which existing member referred them online and the sales team in the club will need to find the existing members details before completing the online signup process.

Gifts which are lost or stolen cannot be replaced.

Once the £10 gift voucher has been received, ensure it is used before the 12 month expiry date. Vouchers that have expired before redemption will not be replaced / renewed.

Management reserves the right to change the offer at their sole discretion, at any time.

Employees of Village Hotels and Village Gym CANNOT refer a friend as part of this promotion. This online exclusive offer is not available to members under 16 years old, or members who hold a complimentary membership.


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