Tai Chi Elements

Tai Chi consists of gentle physical exercise and stretching, alongside meditation and breathing
techniques. Tai Chi movements are long, slow, sweeping and graceful, without pause between them,
meaning that the body is constantly in motion as it flows from move to move. The movements are
usually circular and never forced, the muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, the joints are not fully
extended or bent and the connective tissues are not stretched.

There are 5 major styles of Tai Chi, including: Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu Hao and Sun.

Tai Chi training involves 5 elements:
Hand and weapon routines,
Breathing, movement and awareness exercises
Response drills
Self-defence techniques

With gentle and slow movement, our Basingstoke Tai Chi  class is the ideal for beginners, or those looking for a lower impact workout. It's also a great way for gym newcomers to build up to more strenuous or energetic fitness classes and get used to a group fitness environment.