Our popular BodyPump™ fitness class by Les Mills offers a barbell workout for anyone keen to get lean.

Throughout our class at Village Gym Edinburgh, you'll use a variety of weights and lots of repetition, working out to your favourite tunes at changing intensities.


Let's BodyPump!

Scientifically-backed moves, motivational instructors and a pumping playlist.Our BodyPump class will get you lean, toned and fit.

Book your BodyPump class via the app or view the class timetable at Village Gym Edinburgh.

Our BodyPump classes are led by qualified instructors, who were taught the Les Mills way! Get ready for the latest dance music, plenty of reps and pushing your physical limits.

During each music track, you'll work on a different muscle group, using various weights, heavier for the bigger muscle groups (such as quads and core), lighter for the smaller ones (such as your shoulders, triceps and calves).

The idea is lots of reps and maximum fatigue to help you get stronger... and leaner. 


Let's bust a myth here Edinburgh ladies. Lifting weights will not bulk you up!

Our BodyPump class is designed to build muscle, whilst toning the body. 

Strong not skinny is the new look... it's finally fashionable to have a butt and strong thighs. So, curb those concerns about getting hench, and get ready for a sleeker physique!

Who Will Love BodyPump

Our Edinburgh BodyPump class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

If you're ready to incorporate lifting into your training, BodyPump is for you!

If your goal is weight loss, our BodyPump class will help to boost that metabolism to blast calories.

If you're keen to tone up, this class is a surefire way of getting there!

Cardio fans will love the high intensity of this class.


BodyPump Your Own Way

Make it your own! The great thing about our BodyPump class is that you can adjust the workout to suit your goals and abilities. 

Weight too heavy? Go lighter and perform more reps. Ready to push yourself further? Add some extra weights to your next squat session.

No matter what your fitness goal, or how much weight training you've done before, you'll get all the benefits of a BodyPump class, in a way that works for you.

Our Gym Facilities

Of course, we offer much more than BodyPump classes! A look at our fitness facilities in Edinburgh... 


Warm up before your Bodypump class with state-of-the-art cardio and resistance equipment as well as spacious free weight and stretching areas.

Swimming Pool

Our 20m heated pool is perfect for a cool down after your BodyPump class, or as a workout in itself. Afterwards, chill out in the whirlpool, steam room and sauna.


Aside from BodyPump, Village Gym Edinburgh offers a number of high intensity fitness classes including BodyJam, Step Aerobics and dance inspired fitness classes.


With 40 spin bikes, Village Gym Edinburgh provides the perfect setting for your instructor-led or virtual spinning class, with shorter classes also available for those limited on time.



Track your progress with the latest Technogym equipment and receive personalised training routines and motivation while working out to your own music.

Our Social Scene

When it comes to socialising, our Edinburgh members have got it down to a tee. Wind down after your BodyPump class with something chilled in the Village Pub, grab a light bite in the restaurant or make those weekend plans over a Starbucks. 

Member Benefits

Village Gym Edinburgh provides a great selection of member benefits including discounts on food and drink at The Village Grill and The Village Pub, reduced room rates and exclusive access to our member benefits programme for high street discounts.

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