Exercise Classes In Edinburgh

Edinburgh members can enjoy over 400 exercise classes a month, from holistic favourites including Yoga and Pilates, to the latest HIIT, spin, BodyPump and BodyAttack by Les Mills. Whatever your fondness for fitness, we have an exercise class to suit you.

No matter your fitness level or age, we welcome everyone to our Edinburgh fitness classes.

New to gym classes?

Are you just getting back into fitness or recently joined our Edinburgh gym? We’ve got plenty of classes to get you back into a routine. Many of our Edinburgh gym classes can be modified, making them perfect for newbies or anyone needing to slow down the pace. All we ask is you let our instructors know you are new and just finding your feet.


If you love an adrenaline pumping, heart racing workout, our HIIT exercise classes in Edinburgh will get you moving! Whether it’s Les Mills GRIT, HIIT Step, circuits or our exclusive Village Burn class, you’ll enjoy the ultimate calorie burn and a metabolic kick.


Do you love throwing shapes to the beat? We’ve got plenty of classes to keep you smiling and dancing until your heart's content. Try our hip-swinging Zumba class, or dance intensely to the beat at Les Mills BodyJam class. Our dance classes feel more like a girls night out than a workout plus, you can test out your new moves on your next night out!


Saddle up and get on that bike, it’s time to pedal! Our Edinburgh spin classes will get your legs pumping, your lungs working and your heart racing for shredding calories and fat. Give it a go and try our Les Mills Sprint class for an intense HIIT session, RPM to test your endurance and torch fat, or try The Trip for a cool immersive cycling experience.


Get limber, stretch it out, tone up and trim down. Yoga bunnies will adore our holistic fitness classes including Pilates, Tai Chi and ballet-inspired Barre, for a full body toning session. Perfect for those looking for a low impact workout.

Do we have any boxing fans in Edinburgh?

Do you need to release that tension? Then, come along to our combat style fitness classes where you can thrash out that stress and unleash your inner beast at Boxercise, Fighting Fit or Les Mills Body Combat.

Benefits Of Our Fitness Classes

Start your journey with us and enjoy all the mental and physical benefits from attending our fitness classes regularly. 

Aids your weight loss journey
Full body toning and lean muscle building
Social fitnessing to keep you motivated
Improves your cardiovascular fitness
High energy workouts
Low impact alternatives for seniors or members recovering from injuries
Open to everyone


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