Edinburgh Spin Classes Near Me

Indoor cycling, also more commonly known as ‘spinning’, is a high-intensity, low-impact cardio exercise class that will heighten your heart rate and push your legs to their limits.

Our spinning classes in Edinburgh include traditional spin classes, as well as killer Sprint classes from Les Mills and RPM. We also go virtual with cutting edge technology that takes you on an immersive journey - The Trip!


Why Our Spin Classes Are Good For You

Our spin classes in Edinburgh will improve your cardiovascular endurance and strength all in one.

Your heart will pump, your lungs will be working to their max and you’ll feel the burn in your legs as you tone those calves, glutes and quads.

Spin classes blast fat and build lean muscle, perfect to add to your workout regime.

Edinburgh Spin Classes

At Village Gym Edinburgh, we offer a range of spin classes to suit all capabilities and spin enthusiasts.

HIIT fanatics all love our Les Mills Sprint class. With bursts of intense sprints and short rests for optimal calorie burn, be prepared to sweat.

Whether you’re a spin newbie or a pro, RPM by Les Mills might be your new favourite class. As a low-impact class, it’s not too tough on the knees + you control the intensity. So, what you get out of the class is all down to you!

The Ultimate Spinning Experience

Les Mills has stepped it up in the spin world by creating an immersive group cycling experience - The Trip. You’ll ride through underwater caves, snow-capped mountains and so much more.

It’s only available at a handful of fitness clubs around the world and Village Gym Edinburgh is one of them!

Perfect for adrenaline seekers, fun lovers and anyone who loves a creative and cool approach to exercising.


The Benefits Of Spin Classes

When you become a regular to our spin classes, you’ll start noticing more lean muscle in your legs and glutes, as well as better cardio endurance levels.

Plus, if you’re a little older or worried about your knee injury, our spin classes are low impact but still high energy so you’ll still burn just as many or more calories in our spin studio.

Let’s look at more of the fitness kicks you’ll get when you attend a spin class in Edinburgh.

How Many Calories Will I Burn At Spin?

All of our Edinburgh spin classes will challenge your body, torch that fat and blitz hundreds of calories but, Les Mills led Sprint and RPM will burn the most.

Burning up to 675 calories in 45 minutes, RPM is a killer class that tests your limits and endurance. 

Our high intensity Sprint class will burn up to 450 calories + you’ll enjoy that post-workout EPOC effect, burning extra cals.

Top Tips For Spin Newbies

Be early, turn up at least 10 minutes before the class starts and introduce yourself to our instructors so they know you are new. This means we can keep an eye on you, your posture and progress.

Check your bike. Make sure you always have a small bend in your knee so your legs never lock when pedaling.

Give the gears a test before we spin. Get a feel for your tension.


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