Tai Chi Classes in Edinburgh

Combining deep breathing with slow, graceful movements, our Edinburgh Tai Chi classes offer a relaxing low impact workout perfect for all fitness abilities.

Tai Chi For Older Adults

Thanks to the low impact nature of our Tai Chi class, it's no surprise that it's so popular with our Edinburgh members over 55.

Easy on the joints, easy to follow and fun with friends, our more senior Edinburgh members love nothing more than a spot of Tai Chi followed by a cuppa tea afterwards!

Great for low back pain sufferers, plus regular Tai Chi will improve balance, reducing the risk of falling.

Tai Chi For Weight Loss

Attending our Tai Chi classes in Edinburgh won't blitz the calories, though it will help you to tone, strengthen and develop muscle mass. This in turn will encourage your body to burn more calories, as part of your weight loss mission.

A more toned physique also helps the body to appear slimmer. So if weight loss is your goal, Tai Chi can make a great addition to your usual gym routine.

Stress Less with Tai Chi

One of the main benefits of our Tai Chi classes in Edinburgh is that it helps to relieve stress and leave you feeling more relaxed. 

The combination of gentle movements, meditation and focused breathing can do wonders for members with stressful lifestyles or anxiety disorders. 

Sleep Deep

Struggling for shut-eye?

Regularly attending our Edinburgh Tai Chi classes can help you to sleep much better.

The breathing techniques and relaxing positions used in our Tai Chi class will help the body to release tension, resulting in a better quality of sleep, and for longer too!

What Is Tai Chi Good For?

Tone and sculpt a leaner body shape

Improve your upper and lower body strength

Improve balance and posture

Improve your coordination and agility

Relieve stress and improve mood

Learn how to breathe more effectively (great for allergy sufferers!)

Tai Chi Styles

There are five different styles of Tai Chi, all of which we use in our classes at Village Gym Edinburgh. Find the style that works for you and adapt it for your own fitness levels. All styles of Tai Chi are about continuous movement from one pose to the next.

Yang style Tai Chi focuses on slow, graceful movements and upping your relaxation levels. A great class for beginners.

Wu style Tai Chi is all about micro-movements. You'll move slowly, making only slight movements at a time to strengthen key muscles and improve balance.

Chen style Tai Chi is a combination of slow moves with faster poses worked in. Think, punches, kicks and squats. 

Sun style Tai Chi is very similar to Chen style, though less challenging, great for older adults of Tai Chi newbies.

Hao style Tai Chi focusses more on posture, positioning the body and strength.

The Benefits of Tai Chi

The health benefits of a Tai Chi class go way beyond the toning and strengthening results you'll gain from many other fitness classes.

You'll get them too, plus a bumper crop of other wellness-boosting effects...

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