Tips For Spin Beginners

Group indoor cycling, commonly known as Spin class, is a high-intensity, low-impact cardio workout, perfect for all fitness levels, including beginners. 

Our group cycling classes range from classic indoor cycling workouts, our very own V-Spin where you cycle to the rhythm to RPM and Sprint from Les Mills, plus the cutting-edge immersive cycling experience, The Trip (available at selected clubs and also as a virtual class.)

If you haven't enjoyed a group cycling class before, but want a fun new way to get your fitness kicks, our classes will ensure you get your cardio and strength workout done in one session. We'll get your heart racing, your lungs pumping and help you tone the calves, glutes and quads.

Our spin classes are perfect for building cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone, as group cycling offers a low impact workout with high impact results. Our indoor cycling classes allow you to push your body harder than you would out on the road, whilst minimising the risk of injury.

Of course, you get out what you put in, though group cycling allows you to go at your own pace, and your own fitness level, whilst enjoying the buzz of a high energy group workout.

Which class is best for beginners?

It's all dependant on what you're into. The great thing about our cycling classes is that you can make them your own, and go at your own pace...


HIIT fans will love Sprint from Les Mills, combining intense sprints with brief resting periods for maximum calorie burn.


V Spin is our very own group cycling class, designed to torch fat and improve your cardio fitness. 


Many of our members choose group cycling because of its rapid calorie burning effects. If you’re working to your maximum potential, you can expect to burn between 400-600 calories in a 45 minute class. 


Boosting that butt? Group cycling is a sure fire way to tone and strengthen the leg and lower body. Add more resistance for a bigger burn and increased toning ability.


RPM by Les Mills is ideal for members looking for a fun, low impact workout. You control the intensity, so it’s a great choice for newbies and group cycling pros.

Plus, the low impact nature of spinning, is perfect for those recovering from injury or suffering joint pains. 


The camaraderie of working out with your fellow fitness fanatics, the beat of your favourite playlist, and the motivational coaching of our expert cycle instructors... all combined to leave you with feel good vibes. The rush of endorphins you'll experience can help to reduce stress. 


Group cycling allows you to track your progress and see you hitting those fitness goals. Use our MyZone technology, link to the app on your phone and you’ll be able to record your personal results from each of your group cycling classes, and watch yourself get fitter and stronger!


The Trip by Les Mills is an immersive group cycling experience that will see you ride through a digital world of underwater caves, jungles and snow-peaked mountains. 

Available only in a handful of fitness clubs around the world, The Trip is erfect for thrill-seekers, fun-lovers and anyone that loves a creative approach to exercise.

Tips for newcomers...

If you're new to group cycling, you'll love the variety and flexibility of our classes.

We caught up with Holly, Group Fitness Manager for a few tips on getting started...

  • Turn up to class at least ten minutes early, introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know you are new. Then we can ensure we keep an eye on your posture and progress.
  • Check your bike set up! Make sure you maintain a small bend in your knee so you are not locking your legs at any point. Adjust the handlebars to wherever feels the most comfortable for you. Your instructor will happily assist you with this
  • Test your gears before the class begins. Get a feel for your light, moderate, and heavy gears so you know where your working load should be throughout the class
  • Find an area of the studio where you feel the most comfortable. Make sure you can clearly see the instructor and tht you're comfortable. The more comfortable you feel on your bike, the more you will enjoy the ride!
  • Finally, socialise! Don’t be afraid to chat to the other participants and ask for help if you’re unsure. You could even bring a friend along to keep your motivation peaked...

Ready? Find out more about our group cycling classes here...


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