Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or have a sports specific goal in mind, the personal trainers at Village Gym Bournemouth provide you with support, coaching and the devoted time and attention you need to smash your goals. But, you’re in charge.  The sessions will be slotted in around your schedule, with as many or as little as you like. 

Say goodbye to gym anxiety! Our dedicated team will help you perfect your form, teach you some new exciting exercises and guide you in achieving your goals. We will first get to know you, your current diet and what gets you motivated, to ensure we create a workout program you’ll enjoy sticking to.



Personal training for weight loss

As you probably already know, when it comes to losing weight it is not all about how we move our bodies, but how we nourish them. On top of an effective exercise programme that will help you to burn the calories and torch excess body fat, our personal trainers Bournemouth will guide your fitness journey well beyond the gym and design a nutritious eating plan.


Personal training for couples

You know what they say; a couple that workouts together, stays together! Grab your bestie or your significant other and enjoy a personal training session together in Bournemouth. Not only will this help you conquer the fear of trying something new, you will also workout with the expertise of a fully qualified personal trainer. 

But you and your partner have different goals, you say? No problem! You can still be individually supported to reach your respective goals, you can just do it together. 


Personal training for sports events

Whether you're training up for your first marathon or planning on competing in a weightlifting competition, a personal trainer can be incredibly valuable for your progress. We can workout together to understand your limits, sort out an individual plan to work around your schedule and share specialised knowledge.

If you have a specific goal in mind, we would also recommend looking for a trainer with additional qualifications in that area, to help further your progress.

Choosing a personal trainer

If you haven’t worked with a personal trainer before, you may be unsure on what the right fitness trainer looks like for you. Although each one of our expert team would be a valuable addition to your fitness journey, we have some tips and tricks to help bust the mental image of your perfect coach.


Finding the balance between your fitness routine, social life and getting enough rest can be challenging. Our team at Village Gym Bournemouth can help you determine how often and how long you should workout for, depending on your budget, responsibilities and goals.

Overall, it is recommended that you workout three times a week in order for you to stay motivated and see results. How often you see a personal trainer can entirely depend on the effectiveness of your own workouts. If you feel yourself leaving the gym feeling disheartened after a slow sesh when you’re hitting the gym solo, or if you’re wanting to learn exercises faster, then we recommend seeing your personal trainer for all two or three sessions.

Personal Training Success Stories...

"I'm Back To My Pre-Pregnancy Weight"

I believe it has been the biggest investment of my life.

"I Lost Over 4 Stone"

 I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been, and think I have used every bit of equipment in the gym now!

"I Feel More Energised"

When I get up in the morning, I feel more energised and feel physically and mentally charged. 

"I Lost 11 Stone & 17% Body Fat"

My overall fitness and strength has improved so much within the year, I am now able to do exercises that I once couldn’t do.

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