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Aberdeen Zumba Classes

Hot moves, your favourite dance tracks and new ways to throw shapes! If you're keen to add a little sizzle to your workout, try our Zumba class at Village Gym Aberdeen . 

This toning and strengthening cardio workout will target every major muscle group, improving flexibility, blitzing calories and boosting your energy levels.

Our Zumba Classes

Our Zumba classes in Aberdeen are taught by Village Gym's very own qualified Zumba instructors. You'll move to the latest dance music, with choreographed moves inspired by samba, mambo, hip hop and salsa. 

This full body cardio workout is a great way to blast calories and burn fat whilst getting your dance on!  

Who Will Love Zumba

Our Zumba class is ideal for anyone who wants to make fitness fun! Perfect for beginners, thanks to the easy-to-follow moves, or die-hard members looking for a different style of group workout.

No dance experience is needed, just a load of enthusiasm! Many of our older Aberdeen Gym members like Zumba because it's low impact, so easy on the knees! Though it's just as popular amongst our younger members too... they just love to throw shapes to their favourite tunes!

What To Wear For Your Zumba Class

Zumba classes are all about movement! So you'll want to wear something that allows you to dance, shake and get on down!

We've outlined a few pointers to put together your workout wardrobe to ensure you hit our Aberdeen Zumba studio dressed for the occasion.


Though popular amongst women, Zumba was actually created by a man. Beto Perez, a seriously cool guy from Colombia who knows how to dance. So it's no surprise he has an abundance of cool male friends and a following of swooning women!

Guys, it's time to zumba! And here's why...

Zumba For Rewards!

When starting a new fitness journey, staying motivated can be tough.

So to encourage new members to stick to their zumba sessions, we'll reward you when you visit the gym 10 times (or more) in the first 30 days of your membership!


A 40 minute zumba class can burn around 360 calories. So it's a great option if you're on a weight loss journey and looking for a high-energy fitness class to blitz those calories. 


Our Aberdeen Gym Facilities

Of course, we offer much more than Zumba classes! A look at our fitness facilities in Aberdeen... 

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