Cheadle Pilates classes

Following our expert Pilates coach, you’ll develop flexibility, joint mobility, and improve your posture through gentle, low impact techniques in our Cheadle Pilates studio.

Perfect for those that love a little spirituality, Pilates will relax your mind, and leave you feeling refreshed.

It’s about using your muscles against gravity, using the body for resistance and targeting specific areas to improve strength. There’ll be plenty of breathing, lots of stretching and new ways to work your body for an all-over toning workout.

Pilates in Cheadle, Manchester

Pilates classes at Village Gym Cheadle use your own bodyweight for resistance, toning and strengthening muscles in the back, legs and core.

This class is idesigned for members in Manchester who want to transform the way their body looks, feels and moves.

Attending regular pilates classes at Village Gym Cheadle will help to improve the strength and tone of your body, as you work towards shaping a sleek physique, firmer thighs, tighter glutes and flatter abs.

Who Will Love Pilates?

Our Pilates class is suitable for all!

Older adults keen to improve their ability to perform everyday tasks
Post or ante natal women who want to maintain their fitness levels or prepare for childbirth
New gym members getting started on a fitness journey
Seasoned fitness class fans looking for something new
Anyone with sports injuries or joint pain that need a lower impact workout
Fitness fans who want to tone the body
Stressed, overworked, overtired members or those suffering from anxiety

What To Wear For Your Pilates Class

Our Manchester members are fashion focussed! So it doesn't surprise us when we're asked what attire you should be adorning to your Cheadle Pilates class!

During your Pilates class, expect to be constantly moving. So, choose something that allows your body stretch and move freely. It's not a fashion show, so dress for comfort over style. 

We've put together a few tips on the perfect workout wardrobe to ensure you hit our Manchester pilates studio dressed for success.

Let's Move!

The body likes to move. Trust us, it’s what keeps it performing at it’s best!

Our Pilates class in Cheadle will get your blood pumping around the body, improving the flow to the brain.

This will make you feel less sluggish, more focussed and more positive.

Even if you're not a fan of hitting the gym, our Pilates class is the ideal way to get your fitness fix, without the high impact.



Our Cheadle Pilates class covers six key areas...


Controlled movements are crucial to maintaining proper form in our Pilates class. To ensure optimum body control, you'll need to really think about how your body moves.


Full concentration on your movements will ensure you get the very best of out your pilates class at Village Gym Cheadle. 

Powerhouse Centering

The Powerhouse is made up of your core muscles - abs, lower back, pelvic floor, glutes and hip muscles. Where every movement begins!


We'll practice breathing techniques during your Cheadle Pilates class, to make you more relaxed, less stressed and have bags more energy. 


Every pilates move should be done with precision. By aligning your body in the correct way, you'll be able to move smoothly and maintain your balance.


Each Pilates move should be smooth and graceful. One move should flow straight into the next. 

How Can Pilates Transform My Body?

Banish The Bingo Wings
Our Pilates class will tone the upper arms, tighten up your glutes and sculpt any wobbly bits!

Longer Leg Muscles
Many models and dancers choose pilates as it elongates the arm and leg muscles, giving you a leaner, slimmer look.

Tighter Abs
As all movements will come from the core, regular Pilates can help tone and tighten your stomach muscles, making you leaner and bringing in your waist.

Is Pilates Ok For Older Adults?

Yes. Thanks to the low impact nature of our Cheadle Pilates class, it's no surprise that it's so popular with our older members.

Enjoy a full body workout that won't leave you feeling sore or exhausted, whilst protecting the joints from strain. 

Our Cheadle Pilates class is an effective treatment for ailments that sadly come with age, including low back pain, osteoporosis and arthritis.

Regularly attending our Pilates class in Cheadle will also improve your posture and balance, for better walking and bending to lift those grandchildren!

Pilates For Pregnant Women

Our Cheadle Pilates classes are ideal for pregnant women, as the movements used will help to align the spine and pelvis in preparation for childbirth.

The back-strengthening exercises are also great for relieving bump-induced back pain, and the breathing techniques have been said to really help when it comes to controlling contractions. 

It's also a great choice for post-natal women who want to maintain their fitness levels after childbirth or use Pilates as an addition to a post-baby weight loss programme.

Pilates For Beginners

If you're attending our Cheadle Pilates class for the first time, position yourself so that you can see other members in your class.

Try to arrive early to pick a spot in the studio that allows you to see as many other people as possible. That way, if you get stuck, you can follow their movements no matter which way you're facing.

If you can position yourself at the front of the class, you'll have a better view of your instructor, and of yourself in the mirror to see how your body is moving and where you need to correct your posture.

Pilates For Anxiety

Anxiety currently affects one in ten adults and can lead to low mood, sleeping difficulties and nervousness in public.

Enjoying a Pilates class with others is a great way to encourage yourself to make a regular comittment, whereby you'll have the support of our Cheadle fitness community and start to manage your anxiety through exercise.

Working out with others makes you feel more positive and motivated. Whilst the breathing exercises used help to bring on calm, improve mood, increase confidence and promote better sleep.



A yoga based fitness class designed to increase flexibility and strength.


Raise The Barre

Our Barre workouts, designed by Les Mills, are accessible to all fitness and flexibility levels.

Combining classic ballet positions with plentiful repetitions of small movements using very light weights, our Barre class will improve posture and help shape your body. 

Tai Chi

Similar in many ways to Pilates, Tai Chi is a great way to strengthen the core and relax the mind.


Improve your posture, strength and flexibility with our Yoga class.


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